Drill Drone

Drill Drone

  • Rohbert
  • 2 years ago
  • 34th


Drill Drone

version 1.0

by Rohbert for the 22nd GM48

Thank you for playing my game.

Gameplay Video

-Keyboard Controls-

  • A,D - Move Drone / Point Drill
  • Space - Jump
  • J - Use Drill
  • K - Use Item
  • Q,E - Scroll Item Left/Right
  • Backspace - Restart Game (if you get stuck)


Travel as deep as you can while collecting items. Your energy is always depleting, collect batteries to refill your meter. Use gems to upgrade your drone after each run. Press Space to continue.


  • Bombs - blow up an area of blocks.
  • Acid Flask - melt away blocks and can travel to adjacent blocks.
  • Platforms - help you reach high places.
  • Batteries - replenish your energy meter.
  • Gems - used to upgrade your Drone at the end of each run. Upgrades and gems carry over from run to run.


Design, Code and Music by Rohbert


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