Drill Drone

Drill Drone

  • Rohbert
  • 3 years ago
  • 34th


Drill Drone

version 1.0

by Rohbert for the 22nd GM48

Thank you for playing my game.

Gameplay Video

-Keyboard Controls-

  • A,D - Move Drone / Point Drill
  • Space - Jump
  • J - Use Drill
  • K - Use Item
  • Q,E - Scroll Item Left/Right
  • Backspace - Restart Game (if you get stuck)


Travel as deep as you can while collecting items. Your energy is always depleting, collect batteries to refill your meter. Use gems to upgrade your drone after each run. Press Space to continue.


  • Bombs - blow up an area of blocks.
  • Acid Flask - melt away blocks and can travel to adjacent blocks.
  • Platforms - help you reach high places.
  • Batteries - replenish your energy meter.
  • Gems - used to upgrade your Drone at the end of each run. Upgrades and gems carry over from run to run.


Design, Code and Music by Rohbert


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  • devlkore
    devlkore devlkore Level 7

    Nice concept and execution. The controls felt a little clunky and I would really like to have had controller support. I really love the music though.

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      I had to make keyboard controls that made sense to accommodate people without controllers. After that, I simply did not have the time to implement controller support. But trust me, I know, games are funner with a gamepad in your hand.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Nice little game, the upgrading system and the items are definitely what made it stand out from a basic digging game.

    Art and sound are ok, but you need both visual and audio feedback for the player, to make the game feel better.

    Gameplay and upgrades were quite balanced, but sometimes you could get softlocked by the unbreakable blocks, and gameplay got boring after a couple hundred blocks of depth. Adding something like enemies and scaling the difficulty as you progress would probably fix that.

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      I had an enemy in the works, even a boss enemy. But not only did he feel boring, but he was fairly buggy, did not have time to fix. But I appreciate your feedback.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Really cool game. The graphics are okay and the music is nice, but some sound effects would be welcome. I could definitely see the cycle of drilling to get better upgrades to make drilling easier being pretty addictive. However, it needs to get harder as you progress deeper (maybe blocks take longer to drill or energy is more rare) because once I bought a couple of drill upgrades I could basically go forever. That is, until I got stopped by a row of unbreakable blocks. You should either work on the level generation so this can't happen or provide some way to destroy them.

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      You basically mentioned the exact issues I wanted to clean up even before submitting. Just didn't have the time. Making the tunnel "harder" as you progressed was definitely my top wanted feature. If I ever come back to this, that is what I will add. Great feedback and thanks for playing.

  • Virtu
    Virtu Virtu Level 8

    I found the background music very catchy, and found myself descending further and further on my very first run until I also hit a setting of impassable obstacles.

    Poured all my ~60 upgrade gems into the acid flask's range up, then had a blast playing the following run until I had to force myself to stop. I wish the difficulty would scale up, but this is definitely a very fun game and the upgrades add a somewhat lasting appeal. The rather simplistic aesthetics didn't get in the way for me, I felt a positive Win3.1/Win95-esque vibe that was even a little nostalgic. Good job!

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      Oh man, it feels so good to hear that. Well, the fact that you kept playing, not that you got stuck. :(

      The music was definitely something I was lucky to make so quickly. Too bad I didnt have time to make sound fx. I actually went to bfxr site, but it wasn't loading for me, and I didn't have time to research another site to use.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

  • Fachewachewa

    On a design side, I feel like there's not really any incentive to make us use items at first. But I tried upgrading the acid and it's really fun just seeing it eat half the screen :D

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      The acid power is by far the funnest to use. One of the reasons I didn't tone down its power after upgrading it is just to see all those blocks turn green. So fun. Thanks for playing!

  • BigPancakeNorton

    I really enjoyed this game on my first run, but unfortunately after the first round of upgrades the game becomes rather easy. In my opinion the bombs are pretty overpowered once they've been upgraded, their blast radius gets absurdly big even after the first round of upgrades. I also unfortunately ran into a massive wall of unbreakable blocks that stopped my run in its tracks :( https://puu.sh/vlZFz/c227d8e9fb.png

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Level 13

      Oh no. I knew I should have taken the time to add a check for that situation. I never came across that issue in my many hours of play testing so i didn't worry about it even knowing that it 'could' happen.

      As for power balancing, yup I know it gets crazy. Simply didn't have time to balance adequately. Thanks for playing though and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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