Fishbreaker - The Video Game

Fishbreaker - The Video Game

  • devlkore
  • 2 years ago
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CONTROLLER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! This game was designed with controllers in mind. KB/M controls are included, but they're not optimal.

The evil Power Corporation have gone too far. Whilst attempting to harvest the valuable POWER SOURCE (with an orbital laser, this is the future after all), they unwittingly trigger a natural disaster of unspeakable proportions. Clean up their mess. Control the legendary Fishbreaker to face the threat of the mighty Fishsplosion.

Controller: A Button - Charge Laser Chambers. Left Stick - Aim Left Gun (Assault Rifle). Right Stick - Aim Right Gun (Shotgun). L/R Trigger - Fire Corresponding Gun. L/R Bumpers or Dpad L/R - Move Left and Right. Press Start to switch to controller mode (from Keyboard mode).

Keyboard/Mouse: Enter Key - Charge Laser Chambers. Mouse Move - Aim Left Gun (Assault Rifle). Mouse Wheel or Q/E - Aim Right Gun (Shotgun). Left/Right Mouse Button - Fire Corresponding Gun. A/D or Left/Right Arrow - Move Left and Right. Press Left Mouse Button to switch to KB/M mode (from controller mode).

The game is based on this picture:

Due to work and time zones, this was more like GM19 for me. I really wanted to get more done like more weapons, more control options, better graphics, more fish types, a boss fish, sound/music and a more detailed score system. Obviously that is part of the point of a game jam, to get what you can done in the limited time frame. In that respect I am proud of what I made since it functions as a game :P

Hope you enjoy ^_^


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