Path Y

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Path Y

Thy mind doth take thee once again wh're thy soul wanteth to beest and thee can doth nothing else than trying to intermit t 'r descend into madness and findeth true enlightenment.

Moveth thy charact'r with WASD and taketh action with the Spacebar.

A Path

And coequal if 't be true thee wont findeth a purpose by playing this game 'twill nontheless holp thee cope with the futile nature of t all.

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Really really good theme, and I like the game overall, but I died twice at 22 lucidity :'(

I like how the game loops / checkpoints and scale with the number of lucidity you have, but it's a little long to start again from the start. I might try again later.

Thanks for playing my game and even trying again after being so close to the win!

The hp and apathy in the shop really make everything a lot easier, I wanted to add even more items to make it even easier, but I didn't have enough time.

5 months ago

It's a good game, but it needs to be easier to delve into and get a drive to continue play.

Thank you! I wanted to do a tutorial to make the game more approachable, but I ran out of time.

Super interesting game! The way the window changes depending on your direction is neat idea. The graphics and sound are nice and suitable for what the game is doing. Unfortunately, I never managed to reach 25 lucidity for enlightenment. Maybe I just suck, but it seems like it's often impossible to avoid the obstacles when multiple come at a time. Avoiding the first sends you right into the next.

Thanks for the feedback!

I tried to balance the difficulty by spawning more enemies depending on how much lucidity you have, but didn't have enough time to make it super fair, it's still manageable if you take your time, because the faster ones will distance themselves from the slow ones, but that doesn't excuse my design flaw, and I'll find a way to fix right away it if I ever come back to this game.

This is very cool! I really dig the music and graphics. And window changing size based on the path was pretty sweet. I never stayed alive long enough to buy the last upgrade thing. I assumed you needed that to descend... Sometimes i would die because after getting hit, when the iframes would turn off , there would be a black orb on top of me. That was my only frustration. But seriously a really cool concept and very nicely executed!

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah I should've made the player move after a hit, didn't see how frustrating that could've been. I'm happy you still liked the game though.

Is it pointless to descend? That is the first thing I tried and almost thought the entire game was going down stairs. It'd be nice to have some sort of indicator that you can't progress down the stairs... or to just not even have them at all! Also the upgrades store felt out of place, do I have to go back all the way every time? Some neat ideas, but kind of wonky in the way they are laid out.

Descending is the last thing you do, if you try before buying enlightenment you'll never know how to get to the end.

For the going back I tried to give the player a ton of speed, so I could keep the sense of scale without making it a chore to go from one place to the other, but maybe I should've made it more obvious that flourishing is first, then ascending, then descending.

Y'know, for a self proclaimed pointless game, I perceive the true beauty of this to be the subtlety with which it tries to convey its big picture. :)

The gameplay is a tad on the simplistic side, but I do like that it's got me thinking about its meaning even after I beat it. Perhaps it could further explore the possibilities of playing with the player's window. Perhaps in addition to just A Path Y there could multiple paths, ones that earn you more lucidity but swarm you with more problems at a time. Maybe a Sym Path Y co-op mode? ;) Haha, I digress.

All in all I liked it, nice work!

Thank you so much not just for the feedback but also for taking the time to think abot the message of this game, It's an idea I had for a long time, but the time restrictions didn't allow me to put as much work as I wanted in the story or the gameplay.

I'm happy to see that someone still found what I wanted to say and liked it, there's a message hidden in the main room, in case you didn't find it.

Pleasing little experience. :) I like how the whole window screen changes depending on your path (although I am not sure it necessarily is a good thing); it has something poetic. I like how you relate your way from flourishing/ascending/descending. I like how the music relates to the path you choose too! However, the gameplay felt a bit too simple and maybe I would have wished for a bit more stuff. On the other hand I like how the game over doesn't always give you the same text!

The gameplay is definitely lacking, I had some better ideas but since the scope was a lot bigger than my other games I ended up with no time.

Thanks for the feedback tho, I'll definitely be faster the next time.

Nice job! Good relation to the theme. I like what you did with the window changing size. The music is appropriate and the palette is nice.

The gameplay felt a little simple, felt like I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do, but it got me to keep playing so I suppose that's a good thing.

Overall a cool entry, good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

The gameplay should've been a little more compelling, but I ended up cutting out a lot of stuff just so I could polish what was already there.

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