Colony Warfare

Colony Warfare

  • Scott Richards, Kristi Richards, Dan Skidmore
  • 2 years ago
  • 31st


It's a resource management game in which you must make a certain number of ants descend to complete each level. You deploy the ants at a cost of food. Featured ants are as follows:

Worker Ant: Forages food, adding 100 food when it collects.

Soldier Ant: Sturdy ant for defense.

Fire Ant: Very long range moderate damage.

Acid Ant: Shoots acid that turns into pools of acid.

Medic Ant: Can't attack, heals other ants.

Bomber Ant: Explodes across multiple lanes when it reaches it's target.

Electric Ant: Shoots a bolt of electricity that splits into more bolts of electricity.

16 different levels with wildly different levels of testing.


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