The Sacred Door

The Sacred Door

  • Jean-Michel Bourget
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified


Download a bug-free version here:


"The Sacred Door" is a platformer in which you have to offer in sacrifice mini versions of yourself in death pits in order to open the sacred door & proceed to the next level.

Controls (keyboard)

  • W key / Up arrow / Space key - Jump
  • A key / Left arrow - Go left
  • D key / Right arrow - Go right
  • M key / X key - Action (use, accept)
  • R key - Restart level
  • Escape - Pause

How to play it

Your goal is to find the exit. It will only open if you sacrifice enough mini versions of yourself in each death pits present on the level. Watch out because you can die by falling on spikes.

Known bugs

Play the bug-free version ( if you don't want to encounter those bugs.

  • If you have many minions who follow you stacked up over a minion that you try to select, you may have difficulty getting him to follow you.
  • In level 2, DO NOT PRESS "X"... It makes the game completely crash. I forgot an "if".

Personal notes

Done in < 30 hours. I couldn't participate all the 48 hours. I was sadly short on time to do proper levels design.


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