Pikachu and Luna in The Big Exciting Adventure!

Pikachu and Luna in The Big Exciting Adventure!

  • wenbeiss
  • 2 years ago
  • 30th


It's Pikachu and Luna's first adventure and they're very excited!!

These kitties love treats - so much that they can't live without them! But fighting enemies takes a lot of energy... Perhaps a sacrifice must be made?


  • WASD - move
  • Space - attack

(v1.02 updated for various fixes and better explanations.) (v1.01 updated to add a small exclamation point to warn you of help text.)

Collect a ton of treats Sacrifice treats to attack enemies Have a lot of fun with your best buddy!

(Pikachu and Luna made all of the UI and they're very very proud!)

Timer Version

Note: Please don't base your rating of the game off of this version. This is just a fun little addition that I made for people who are interested in beating the game quickly.

This version of the game simply adds a timer in the corner, and records your inputs so you can play back an entire run. Included is a sample recording of a run very close to my 1:16 PB. Read the README file for more information.

Download Timer Version


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