Chicklets - Dying for your Mamma!

Chicklets - Dying for your Mamma!

  • Loates Oates Studios
  • 2 years ago
  • 50th


You take control of two players in this game. A small Chicklet which can jump high - run fast- and push buttons, and a huge chicken who is fat, slow, can't jump but can hold down switches. Switch between the two and sacrifice them to get the Lucious corn for Mamma or else.

Many thanks to: Garret Hopper [ Gartman] for his amazing job on his music and Cloopy for his amazing job on the thumbnail

Hint :

On one of the levels you have two chicklets and a normally impossible to reach place - however if you jump them off each other just right you can actually make them get to the corn - so no - it's not impossible


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