Not The Game You Expected

Not The Game You Expected

  • yukisho
  • 2 years ago
  • 43rd


Not The Game You Expected


Run through 5 levels in the platformer to reach the end. Is that it? That all there is to do in this game? ... ... .... No no no no no! There's more! You're constantly bleeding, there are heart shaped doohickeys scattered across each level. Get them to refill some on your blood like the filthy savage you are. You may also find it smart to sacrifice a bit of blood to get more blood in return. But who am I to tell you how to play the game. I only made it and designed it all!


A & D - Movement

Space - Jump

Space x2 - Double Jump

Shift - Invincibility for 3 seconds (Only 3 Uses)


Music - Buhnanuers (

Main Idea - Some drunk guy on Discord.


There is a spot on the third level where it is actually impossible to pass through. I must have clicked on the room and added an object there by mistake during the last 5 minutes of the deadline. I am super disappointed by this. There is a fixed version however we're passed the deadline so it can't be used to rate.


I know there are difficult spots, for me at least. I am not a very good platformer player. However I was able to get through all 5 levels. I made this game in only 2 hours. You're also sacrificing your time to play this game.
Fixed NOT rate-able version


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