Play as Wicki, a candle lost in a dungeon. Can't see? Make your own light! However, vision is at the expense of your size, so be careful. Gameplay Image


A - Move Left

D - Move Right

S - Open Door

R - Restart Room

SHIFT - Light Candle

SPACE - Jump/Double Jump

Gameplay Image 2

Programmer - Cameron

Designer - Cameron

Story - Cameron

Sound - Cameron

Art - Rebecca

Special Thanks to:

Hule Studios for making their Custom Text scripts free!

Rebecca for keeping me sane and supporting me throughout this 48 hour journey :) Also for making most of the art and the game-over music.

Known Bugs:

-Currently if you restart a room in which you've lit a torch the room stays lit no matter what.

-The text on the final level in bugged. It switches between black and white and changes size if you get a game over.

Thanks for playing!

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