Cell Carrier

Cell Carrier

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Location: Remote Mining Facility

Objective: Reach the terminal in Sector E and send a distress message to Earth. DON'T GET HIT!

You are a service droid equipped with mobility (standard issue JP95 jetpack) and offensive (MD-13f-g9 Particle Cannon) modules (or chips). NOTE: To reduce size (and manufacturing costs) the MD-13f-g9 uses a custom F12g-X cooling chip that can't quite keep up under stress so the weapon will overheat rather quickly. To get around this issue burst firing is advised.

NOTE 2: Also watch your head, the alien creatures you're going up against tend to drop from holes in the walls. So move carefully, try to avoid running around like a headless chicken.


Left/Right Arrows - move

Up Arrow - jump

Hold Up Arrow - fly

Space - shoot and interact

Enter - pause

ESC - exit game

F5 - restart game


You will have to fight your way through the mining facility to find Energy Cells. You need these to open the way to the next section


To get to each power cell you might need to hack a door that requires you sacrificing something. Word of advice, try to hold on to your jetpack as long as possible, it might just present you with new ways of getting to the end. Who knows, you might even survive it all.


Known Bug: Once you sacrificed something the hero's legs stop animating. Everything seems to go back to normal in the next level.


Code Talker: Nicko (everything programming)

Visual Doctor: Nicko (if it looks and runs good it's thanks to him)

Art Decorator: Nicko (good with the Photoshops and others)

Creative Fellows: Nicko & AlexMA87 (design)

Music and Sound Effects Magician: AlexMA87 (if it sounds bad, blame it on him)

QA: AlexMA87 (blows my mind we even had time for this)

Producer of Headaches: AlexMA87 (organized the last few hours, made sure we finished on time)

In Memory of PiscoT (who was stuck without his PC over the weekend so he couldn't be of any help to us)


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