Beer Bug

Beer Bug

  • Rabugree
  • 2 years ago
  • 31st


You have to brew bear. The ingredients are at your disposal for brewing. However there is a fly that will bother you. You will only have one shot to beat it with a flip flop. And be careful, as the fly is the only danger here (yes, beer is not a danger), it is quite hard to kill it. But, die and retry, you will get it.

Instructions for brewing are written in the middle left of the screen. Follow them carefully and you will succeed.

I wanted to make a game in order to teach how to brew beer, but I did not want to make it to easy. You have to think a little bit, so you can really learn how to brew instead of doing thing without thinking.

Brewing is a bit more complex than this game, but I think it can gives you the main idea.

SPOIL (don't read this if you did not have try the game yet) : If the fly is too hard to kill, here is a tip. The fly always go toward the beer at a certain (random) moment. Try to handle the flip flop between the beer and the fly and at a certain moment, it will move straight forward beer, just under your flip flop. Then HIT. But do not kill the fly on a tank or you will lose.

I had 2 friends at home (who do not know anything about video games ) during the game jam and we tried to think of a game together. I do not know why we thought of a brewing beer simulator but anyway... One friend makes the drawing on paper (then I pictured them and add it to the game with a bit of photoshop) and the other one makes the music on piano (Debussy). I think that we really had an original way of making a game with game maker studio.


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