• Developer
  • Level 5
  • Advanced at Logo GameMaker Studio 2


Biography (well, this is the point here)

I am :

  • 26 years old (damned!) and French (double damned!)
  • Working on my own video game with a 4 people team for a year now.
  • GameMaker 2 developer.
  • I can speak english... I mean... I can try! (I have issues with the english "H", but it's quite obvious, I am french)
  • I am a beta tester, and an hardcore gamer (that sound bad but it's true) .

My game

I am working on a online coop top-down shooter in a sci-fi universe. I am the only coder on this 4 people project.

What I did for now :

  • I builded an online system to play with friends or not with ip adress.
  • I builded a light and shadow shader that create shadow with the edges of sprites.
  • I worked on all the moving features and the different attacks of each characters.
  • I made an online chat.

It is short, but it is the main features (there is LOT of other "small" things, like every developer knows)


Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048966949
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/loic.gillon

This will be a place to showcase all of your awesome achievements

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