Crush 'em

Crush 'em

  • Delios
  • 2 years ago
  • 43rd


Crush 'em is a game where you play as a savage hitman. A target will be assigned to you and you must kill it in order to go to the next level and get assigned a new target. To do so, you have to throw a rock, you only have one so be patient if the shot is not clear (Don't worry if the target is leaving, it will come back). And avoid killing innocent people, there is a counter of how many innocents you can kill, if the counter is 0 (or less) the mission will be restarted, even if the target is killed.Innocents killa counter

If you want, you can disable the blood, at the top-right corner. Settings But do NOT disable the screen shakes, or else the game won't work properly.


  • A,D or arrows to move.
  • Space to throw the rock.


Capture 1 Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture 4 Capture 5


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