One Shot RifleMan

One Shot RifleMan

  • TheKingDwarf
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified


Welcome to my Game. A and D to move left and right. Click to shoot.

Your gun has a reload time, wait until you hear the Chk-Chk sound until you can fire again. You will run across white suited boss enemies. These leaders of the street gangs, are very dangerous. You walk away from them, turn and shoot. How quick you shoot depends on your readiness, which you can improve by pressing A many times.


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49

    At some point, a black and white moment didn't stop and I couldn't shoot, but could move to the right.

    EDIT: The glitch happened in that level where you start with a duel

    Not a fan of unavoidable damage, didn't feel like any skill would help and it ends up being frustrating.

    Note on graphics: the outline for low rez pixel art doesn't work very well; also the gun rotating around you doesn't work that much neither cause it breaks the pixel perfection by too much.

    Aside that, not bad! I liked how boss fights were duels :)

    • dev_dwarf dev_dwarf
      Level 8

      Thank you for the feedback! when did the black and white moment glitch? All damage in the game is unavoidable, but from what i've heard from other feedback it's too hard to avoid everything, especially when there are two enemies at the same time. The graphics were and experiment for me, i've never tried that low-rez style and "cutesy asthetic". Thanks again!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    I actually really like the graphics, and I like the game's fighting.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Your take on the overused wild west stuff is honestly pretty original, once I got what those black and white sections actually were I realized this game had some pretty solid ideas, but I think you could've implemented most stuff a little better, there's actually no unavoidable damage, but avoiding a bullet by walking backwards is really unintuitive for example, expecially when you can hardly see them, since the palette could use some more contrast aswell.

    The levels were pretty basic, but showed well what the game had to offer, and it was overall pretty fun, you managed to have just enough to make the game long but not boring long.

    Art and music were just average imho, not bad tho.

    Oh, and in the black and white duels you could actually win every single time by spamming the left click, I don't think that's intentional.

    • dev_dwarf dev_dwarf
      Level 8

      Thank you for the feedback! I agree with the bullets, if I could change one thing I would make them a bright blue color so they stood out against everything else. Disappointed that I missed that bug with the black and white boss fight areas. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  • Vinnie_V

    Haha, I like the "ONE SHOT" to make sure no one misses the theme here. ;)

    I really enjoyed the boss mechanic! They feel spaced apart really well, giving a nice break from the combat. And the combat being based more around timing and spacing, rather than aiming, was also refreshing as well. It doesn't feel like other move-and-shoot games, but in a good way.

    • dev_dwarf dev_dwarf
      Level 8

      Thanks man! Glad to hear you like it! I wanted to try something different from the standard platformer with shooting because I've don a lot of those lately.


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