For the Queen

For the Queen

  • sfrog
  • 2 years ago
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30/10/17 - An updated Windows version is available for download at:

The Queens honey is under threat from monsters!

Guide a swarm of brave bees to dive-bomb their enemies and claim victory. Each bee only has one chance to attack, so make sure you hit the target and not the ground.

  • 'D' button deploys a new bee from one of the four entrances. Bee Picture

  • LEFT/RIGHT directional keys control the bee whilst UP key flies.

  • Attack the enemies from above. The higher distance the bee dives down from, the more damage it will do.

  • Grab the green power pellets to give your bee a temporary strength boost. Bee Picture

  • The stages are over when either all the honey has been eaten, or all of the monsters have been destroyed.

Programming/Art by SFrog

SFX by SFrog using bfxr

Additional Art by GicaCreativeStudios

Bee Picture


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