Coin Wars: The Last Judy

Coin Wars: The Last Judy

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Coin Wars: The Last Judy

Collect 12 coins throughout a large world filled with traps, switches, and keys! Use Judy's vehicle to slide on walls, blast enemies from above, and fly through levels!


W/A or left and right to move, space or the left mouse button to jump Jump in midair to attack enemies below you Hold jump to hover Hug walls to slide down, or to jump off of them


A Screenshot for the game A Screenshot for the game A Screenshot for the game


Judy is the last of her kind. She's embarked on a grand quest to create a cloning facility to make clones of herself so she's not the last of her kind, but she needs money to do it. Join her on her quest to collect the twelve coins of power so that she can fund the resurrection of her race.


Art and Level Design by Ross Boman Code, Sound, Music, and Level Design by Henry Haak

Learn from our mistakes!

The project file is available for download if you'd like to take it apart and see everything we did wrong!


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