Seafood Survival

Seafood Survival

  • Nik Sudan
  • 2 years ago
  • 15th

You're stuck on an island in the middle of the sea.

Fortunately, you're stranded with a Chef, who knows how to cook a mean seafood dish.

Gather the fish he requires and drop them into the pot without letting the natives interfere.

Listen to the soundtrack.

If you enjoyed the game, why not try the patched version? It's playable in-browser, and lots of things have been tweaked to make the game a little easier to control!

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Nice graphics, challenging yet well made game! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • reBTF
    reBTF reBTF Level 3

    There's a lot to love about this game: the beautiful music and visual style, the relaxing nature, the goofiness of the natives, and the frantic action when you catch a fish.

    But I just feel like the main loop wasn't very appealing, there was no way (that I could tell) to try to get a particular type of fish so most of the time you were just throwing away every fish until you got the right one.

    I appreciated the small cauldron once I figured it out because it added to the freneticism when you caught a fish but at the start it was very confusing because I wasn't sure why the catch didn't count, I would have just missed the pot.

    Still I played it all the way to the end and enjoyed the outcome and my time playing, good job.

  • Charlotte Woolley

    That is the most relaxing music I've heard in a game in a while! It made me want to keep playing, and then the natives would piss me off, then I'd hear the music and I'd go back to fishing!!

    Love the graphics and the controls work really nicely, it's a shame it was such a pain to get the fish into the chef's bucket :)

    It's a shame you couldn't get the fishing rod in to whack the natives, that would have been so cathartic!

    Also I don't think I've ever played another fishing game in a jam, bravo! :D

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      You know, whacking the natives was one of the original mechanics! I had to cut it out due to time constraints and the size of the island though.

      Really glad to hear that you had a nice time playing!

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 56

    I gave up after many tries. It seemed way too difficult to get the fish in the pot. I occasionally managed to dodge the natives but somehow it didn't register the fish getting to the pot. Maybe the hitbox is too small?

    Keeep in mind that a game is way easier for the developper than the player, as you got to play the game a lot more than any of us!

    Aside that, cute graphics, nice atmosphere and I like the overal feel of the game

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Yeah, dropping the fish should have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier! After playing it for so long I just got attuned to the mechanic and decided to up the challenge, which was a bit too much!

      Thank you for playing, though!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Loved the whole atmosphere this game had, the artstyle was really good, the music was relaxing, and the controls were innovative.

    Sadly the randomization factor with the fish colors made it a little repetitive and frustrating, so the gameplay took a hit for that, paired with the unreliability of the pot it kinda ruined the experience.

    But I still really liked it.

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Sorry about the flimsiness of the controls! And I do agree with you on the randomisation factor - it's down to chance when you get your fish, so you could be waiting for quite a while. I tried to make the time waiting enjoyable with the ambience though, but there's so long someone can wait!

      The more colourful fish are rarer than the common coloured ones, which was meant to give you more of a challenge in finding them, but I think I just needed to really iron out the randomisation values in favour of what fish was needed... or something... Bah!

  • Fachewachewa

    Beautiful and good music, fun fishing mechanic too, but like other have said, dropping fishes is way too hard.

    Also it seems like you need specific fish each time ? Maybe make the different types more distinct from each other, because it's not easy to know for sure if you have the right one since you have to keep moving.

    Also, I went to 5/6 and tried for some time to get that 6th fish but had to quit because I got stuck. I had two fish at once on my line and it seemed to prevent me from moving. I tried dropping them but I was stuck.

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Yikes! Sorry about all the glitches!

      Chef will have the fish he needs floating above his head and the numbers, so that's how you know which ones to get. Maybe I should have made this a little more obvious!

      Happy that you had fun with it though!

  • dev_dwarf
    dev_dwarf dev_dwarf Level 7

    Interesting experience. Not very exciting, and didn't fit the theme at all, but very relaxing. I especially liked the music

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Thank you! Unfortunately I couldn't incorporate more of the theme into the game, but I decided to finish up a relaxing fishing experience nonetheless :)

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    The fishing is really well done as Slyddar mentioned. It took me a moment to realize that they tap as well as grab (maybe the tap sound is too high pitched), but once I did it all clicked really well. It's also surprising fun to swing and flail the fish around. I couldn't collect a single fish though after many tries. Eventually I got one to seem like it went into the pot (no fish body was left behind, and I think the sound effect was different), but the number didn't go up, so I gave up at the point.

    I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Small things like the rustling and resizing of the bush when you walk through it, and the poem at the beginning, add a lot to a game like this. Good job =)

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Thanks, Joseph! Really glad you enjoyed the little sound effects. Sorry you couldn't get the fish in the pots! I should have made it a little easier to control...

  • Slyddar
    Slyddar Slyddar Level 4

    Very relaxing music, perfect for fishing away the day. The fishing was good , with easy indication of a catch. The main problem I had was either the natives knocking the fish off, or not being able to place it in the bucket. Caught about 15 fish, and only delivered one. Probably just me though.

    As for the theme, all I saw was one use for the tool, fishing. I thought the rod might of been able to fend off the natives too, but no?

    Coding and graphics were pretty good though, so well done on your entry.

    • Nik Sudan Nik Sudan
      Level 4

      Thank you for the kind words! It is a bit difficult to drop the fish in the pot... I should have made the radius a bit bigger and the natives a bit slower!

      Originally the rod was used as a weapon to whack away them, but I ran out of time!