Black Ball

Black Ball

  • Rabugree
  • 2 years ago
  • 27th


Black Ball is a "Brick breaker" with triangular bricks. Some bricks drop bonus that upgrade the bar or the ball if you catch them. The ultimate bonus is the black ball. Also, you can charge the bar with energy by moving it quite fast. Energy is released when you touch the ball, and the ball is speed up for a while.

There is an anti-stuck system to avoid the ball to bounce for eternity. Be carefull, when you think that the ball is stuck, it will not last long.

TIP : The idea of accelerating the ball by loading the bar is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Having a fastball in a brick breaker is not good, however when you own the black ball, speeding the ball can be really useful. As the black ball only last for 5 seconds, accelerating the ball allow you to destroy more bricks in this small duration.

This game is about a simple bar, with lots of uses. Try it and give me feedbacks !

There is a bug quite rare with fast precise collisions. The ball stops moving just after a collision. If you get it, you can wait 10 seconds for the anti-stuck script, or press "R" to restart the level.

I was thinking of a brick breaker game some month ago, and this jam was a good oportunity ! It was not easy as I thought. At first, I wanted to bind some keyboard keys to change the shape of the bar. Unfortunately, my knowledge of fast collision with precise collision masks was not so good (but improved a lot !).


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