Swap Turret

Swap Turret

  • Barret
  • 2 years ago
  • 31st


Don't let the enemies get to the end gate. Achieve maximum awesomeness of having a total of 50 turrets.


  • If enemies touch a turret the enemies take damage
    • turrets have a base which does damage to enemies if the enemies touch it. ( lay them in the path of enemies )
    • turrets have guns which does damage to the enemies if the enemies touch it
    • when you swap the turrets to you they fly from their stationary position and can damage the enemies
  • the more kills you get you can accumulate more turrets to lay down and swap to yourself
  • the more turrets you have attached to you. the slower you go
  • if you want to reposition your turrets you can blow them and they will damage enemies
  • also when you get a lot of turrets swapped to you, it's basically like having a giant sword

Click image for video on how to beat/play the game



alt text alt text

WASD moves or D-pad on gamepad. Diagonals work

Arrow Keys Shoot or gamepad x,y,b,a buttons. Diagonals work

Q or E lays traps or right bumper on gamepad.

Space swaps the traps to and from turret or right trigger on gamepad

Holding down space or right trigger on the gamepad explodes all turrets


alt text


alt text

Laying Turrets

alt text


alt text

Blowing Up Turrets

alt text
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Nice graphics! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/i6dgliSj-A0

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 56

    I like tower defenses but I gotta admit it's a bit counter-intuitive.

    At first, I was getting rekt as all the enemies were super fast and everything. Only then I realized that when you said "they get damaged", you meant the enemies, not the turrets. So there's that.

    After it was the opposite. once you lay down the turrets, you just spam them everywhere except outside the path and you win (I didn't even notice the goal was to get 50 turrets until I swapped with my bazillion turrets). So I didn't feel the challenge in there... It's right away difficult as hell until you discover the path turret technique and you're basically just forced to place them on the enemies path, without ever needing to swap or explode them. If anything, swapping leaves you exposed cause the enemies are fast as hell. A bit of progression would have been nice.

    • Barret Barret
      Level 2

      yeah progression is definitely absent. I sort of got all the mechanics working and then was like ok now how do you make a game out of this haha. Ideally it would of been nice to have enemies that were weaker to certain strategies and more of a build up that introduced you to different techniques and ways to use them. Thank you for the feedback. I've definitely learned a lot from this game jam

  • Fachewachewa

    I did it! 50 turrets and I didn't even have to watch the video :D

    This is a really fun concept (and I love TDs), but there're definitely some balancing issues (which is not too surprising for a jam game). Took me a while to realize I could just put my turrets on the path, and like Joseph said, once you've done that it gets pretty easy.

    Maybe a variation in ennemies would have helped a little to force the player to use other strategies, like flying enemies that don't take damage when colliding with standing turrets for example.

    Oh and yeah some kind of interactive tutorial or slow progression would have definitely helped, but the tips and gifs you put on the description are good enough.

    • Barret Barret
      Level 2

      yeah I was going to add more enemy types originally but then time was running thin so I did something easy and gave them random speeds, health, and size but they still operated the same. Changing up the strategy would of been cool for sure.

      I also was going to have more levels and as well haha but then my thinking was alright this is it just throw it all in because time is running out. But I am loving all this feedback I'm getting because I"m learning the importance of tutorials and introducing concepts to the players as well as gradual progression.

      also congrats on getting the 50 turrets. I am definitely glad to see some people getting to that point b/c I really thought it was cool to swap the turrets back in forth and watch them fly in. and then to gain speed again swap them off.

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    Honestly the game is still pretty easy once you figure out the optimal strategy. I just placed the turrets on the path as soon as possible instead of in the shiny part (which is the more intuitive place, but the less effective). I got 50 turrets and 188 kills and it went to the game over screen so I'm guessing that I won (screen still says to play again to get more kills so I don't know).

    But towards the end I just swapped all my turrets on myself and shot straight upwards from the start and didn't even have to move, so that wasn't too particularly fun.

    The ideas are really cool though. I love how you press space once and all the guns come to you, and you press it again, and they all go back to where they were. Feels really cool. Biggest thing it needs is a "playable" how to play section, because a lot of things don't feel very intuitive (like placing turrets where the monsters walk over them). The text wall "how to play" didn't really help me much.

    • Barret Barret
      Level 2

      yeah those are are all accurate statements. I think part of my problem was that in the beginning the objective was to kill all the enemies which kept spawning so you had to overpower them. But then near the end I changed it to make it about getting turrets b/c I wanted people to experience getting a lot of turrets. I forgot to update the text b/c originally I was trying to do this balance where you try to keep the enemies coming but don't kill them all and don't let them get to the gate to try and get more kills and more turrets but then I thought that was strange. I tried to make it harder by adding more health to the enemies with the more turrets you got but you basically you were way too powerful haha.

      As you and some others have heard, I am really learning that just throwing players into the mix is not the best way. This feedback is quite helpful for any future gamejams and my own game I'm working on because no matter how easy I might think things are , it's not a good player experience.

  • Carvalho
    Carvalho Carvalho Level 2

    When I saw the gif, I was thinking this game was something like Dance Dance Revolution, the turrets look like arrows haha.

    I love the concept, the problem is I'm really bad at the game, I lose very fast.

    Still, I loved the "Turrets Assemble" gameplay. With more types of turret, enemies, a pulsing light background and eletronic music you have a gold mine on your hands haha

    • Barret Barret
      Level 2

      Yeah I think the problem that someone else pointed out was that I just dump the player into the mayhem so there isn't much build up to learn how to play the game. It was an issue where I was able to beat the game very easily and then my wife was watching me play and she thought it looked easy from what I was doing and she was like are you going to actually make the game challenging haha. She didn't play it just her observation b/c I had like 20+ turrets and was destroying all the enemies haha. I made a video showing how to play the game in hopes people might see some of the ways you can use the turrets https://youtu.be/rvkuuwuNZqI

  • Slyddar
    Slyddar Slyddar Level 4

    That was confusing to say the least. There's no ramping of difficulty to get used to the control, your just thrown in and the enemies are spawning really quickly from the start. The wall of text at the start can be confusing when you haven't played yet. Maybe in the future, if time allows, start the game slower, and bring up text as things happen to explain the concepts.

    Doesn't really follow the theme too much, as the turrents seemed to only deal damage to enemies. Do they have another use?

    • Barret Barret
      Level 2

      sorry I thought the game was incredibly easy and no challenge so I changed some things to make it more difficult. The enemies have random values. I made a video to show how it all works https://youtu.be/rvkuuwuNZqI

      • turrets have a base which does damage if the enemies touch it. so you can place them in the pathway so enemies passing get damaged.
      • turrets have guns which does damage if the enemies touch it
      • you swap the guns on the turrets to you causing them to fly across the screen and if they touch any enemies they do damage
      • the more kills you get you can accumlate more turrets to lay down and swap to yourself.
      • the more turrets you have the slower you go
      • if you want to re position your turrets you can blow them up and they will damage enemies.
      • also when you get a lot of turrets swapped to you, it's basically like having a giant turret sword b/c any enemies that touch it will get damage

      so I was thinking the turrets were the one tool and you could use them in many ways

  • GRArthas
    GRArthas GRArthas Level 3

    Didn't enjoy the gameplay it seemed weird atleast on a computer and it has nothing to do with the theme i rated this low for these reasons and the controls were also complicated.

  • dTRON
    dTRON dTRON Level 1

    You gotta be pretty fast and it all controls as it says. Enemies are funny looking and the turrets have more than one function which is nice due to all of the enemies on screen. Really stable and easy to start up. Crisp artwork and colors were used. Pretty challenging and fun!