Time Killer

Time Killer

  • Dragonstorm1011
  • 1 year ago
  • 72nd



Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

Press SHIFT to select/climb ladders/go through doors.

Press R to restart if you mess up.

You can also press SHIFT to talk to other crate (with eyes and stuff) to talk to them.


This was my first game that I made for a game jam. I hope you like it! I'll probably work on a post-jam version which I'll post on Gamejolt.

Known bugs

If you drop a crate on a guard, then the guard gets stuck.


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So there's defiantly some things that I would've done differently. First, being make the thumbnail thing more appealing because its pretty bland, and dark. Second, add more colors, and don't just use grays and blacks. Third, being better sound, and something more then an annoying landing sound. And as a final thing, defiantly, defiantly make it more original. Because a basic platformer isn't that exciting.

Result 72nd