Inconvenient Shadows

  • Patrick
  • 10 months ago
  • 51st


Inconvenient Shadows

Do you best to get the Key now. It sounds simple but you'll find some very passive aggressive shadows along the way.


There are plenty of trees and cliffs around, dash around the shadows that inconvenience you. Or go ahead and attack them if you are so bold. You only have 45 seconds in each level to get to the gate before you start to bleed out and die.


There are 8 different enemies to encounter; ranging from large to tiny. You can choose to avoid them or take them head on! Attack with SPACE or X on your controller. The enemies can not hurt you though!


Treasure Chests - Contain Hearts and Coins! There will be one on each level that also contains the key to escape!

Coins - Use coins to purchase extra hearts on the title screen! Just Dash with L-CTRL or B on your controller.

Hearts - These will recover those you've lost. They can be found in treasure chests.


  • Controller Support
  • Save and Load system
  • Decent art for a guy that isn't an artist
  • 25 Steam Card Draw if you read below!

25$ Steam Card Draw

Feeling bold? Try making it to level 25! When you enter the gate to reach level 25 a text box will appear that looks like This.

Don't click out of it until you copy the info!

I need: Gold, MaxHP, and the Code.

Send the info to so I can verify it, and you will be put in a draw for the gift card. I will draw the card the day the results are released and I will post the winner on


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  • glove games
    glove games glove games 1
    9 months ago

    it is good art, i liked it. although the shadows are a bit messy

  • Tero Hannula
    Tero Hannula Tero Hannula 19
    9 months ago

    Hi there, I got to the level 33 (got the code in 25th level), I sent the verification to your e-mail. I also left link to my game, so you can know who it was.

    Overall it was fun game, but it doesn't have anything after achieving the 25th level (replay value is low). I noticed after beating, that you could buy more hearts with the collected coins after death for next try, which is nice if otherwise you can't achieve the level.

    The graphics were nice, nothing excellent, but they worked and were good for jamgame. It had variety, which is important. Music was good.

    I learned just hit space fast twice the beginning of the level, as the timer starts and enemies will drop and walk to you, even when the text still being written on the screen and player can't move. Enemies and timer should be paused until player starts the level, if he cannot move until have pressed space. Though might be bug etc., it is something small if you know it and hit space fast in the beginning. But when I played first time the game I thought it already started, why I cannot move, are the arrows, no - WASD, no? Then I saw that you have to press Space, this basically took my first live before I could even finish first level. I completed the 25th levels on second run :)

    Controls felt for keyboard a little bit cramped. I would have preferred Arrows and Z+X or some similiar combination. Overall, it was good.

  • Ivar
    Ivar Ivar 16
    9 months ago

    I got to level 25 and am in the draw now. Woohoo!

    Good in all aspects. Not outstanding but a very good job for 48 hours. The forest feels alive with the animations in the water and trees. Together with the shadows and the music, it creates a calm atmosphere. And that's my first problem because it tricks you to calm down while you are supposed to hurry. I usually don't speed up until the clock starts ticking and then it's too late. My other problem is that it relys too much on randomness. When the player lose, it should feel like they can do better. Not that the RNG can do better.

    Still very good jam entry.

    • Patrick Patrick
      Patrick 7

      Thank you so much for playing! Just to make sure - you did email me and I got back to you? I recognize you from twitter but just make sure I have your info! I'm making a post in the gamemaker subreddit for the community too - I'm going to livestream the draw in a hilarious way! Good luck :)

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    9 months ago

    It's fun, but the game progresses slowly imo. Also, sometimes unfair cause by the time you checked all chests finding the key in the last one, you're already dead. The bleeding is a nice touch btw. There is a nice feedback when hitting and it's nice to see several type of enemies. Aside that, the gameplay doesn't change much and it feels a bit repetitive.

    • Patrick Patrick
      Patrick 7

      Hey thanks for playing! It's definitely repetitive, I thought the small details like blood and bouncy trees would take your mind off of it lol. Next gm48 I will definitely take all this into consideration!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    9 months ago

    Challenging game. I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Patrick Patrick
      Patrick 7

      Thanks for playing Jupiter! I always watch your gamjam vids, I appreciate you playing mine :) Let me know if you get to 25 :D

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 36
    9 months ago

    Pretty cool game, but the randomness is really punitive, sometimes you just can't get the right chest fast enough.

    Also, something that was pretty frustrating: I kept launching a new game every time because the time ended as I was hitting enemies (or even opening the door one time), and the input was used in the menu instead of the level, so I could never buy new hearts.

    • Patrick Patrick
      Patrick 7

      That is definitely a bug I didn't find! It was definitely pretty randomized though - with 10 prefab levels I just slapped random trees, random chests, and random enemies in. Thanks for playing!

  • MirthCastle
    MirthCastle MirthCastle 2
    10 months ago

    Ok - So - Fairly cool concept.

    The ramp in difficulty was pretty fast and fun!

    I had a pretty hard time playing because I don't have a gamepad.

    I suggest you move the directional controls to the arrow keys. Also, the press dash to buy a heart didn't work.

    You obviously got the theme in this game.

    I really enjoyed your art, especially your trees.

    Great Job!

    • Patrick Patrick
      Patrick 7

      Next time I'm going to really nail the controls because that is by far my biggest feedback! Thanks for playing :)


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