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PRESS ENTER to start at Title Screen.

1, 2, 3 Keys Make oozes of different sizes! Careful, making a ooze consumes yourself. Dont COUNTDOWN to nothingness!

Everything in the game counts down, can you find them all?

The more humans you eat, the more come. Clear the planet surface, or grow supermassive to WIN!

Move your main Ooze vertically with the arrow keys.

Humans must be "oozed" for you to collect them.

Collect oozes, and oozed humans to GROW by touching them when close.

If your oozes go offscreen to the left, you lose them, don't miss!

Have enough oozes on one human? Watch him be absorbed!

Careful, humans can escape being oozed! Watch your Little-Ooze's healthbars.


TEAM EFFORT between @P1xelburner and @CastleMirth

We didn't get all the polish in time :( But the Game Works! :D

Still need to add:

  • Need to create "How-to"\Instructions room currently it just enters game.
  • Room Transition to WIN\LOSE room - currently returns to title.
  • Add flora and fauna to world.
  • Add TANKS as enemies.
  • Update remaining graphics to match.
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  • Josh K.
    Lv. 14

    Not a bad game MirthCastle! If you'd like to see our reactions, and rating feel free to check out our play through video. You're game is about 0:11:34 in.

    Web Surfer

    Web Surfer

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for the feedback. You guys have been the only video-reviews that actually gave decent feedback lol

      Yeah I agree we did it a little slow - I released the easier version of the game so everyone could experience growing\shrinking.

      I have no clue why the music keeps stopping! Its looped lol! @P1xelBurner made the music. He would appreciate your feedback!

      For Countdown Theme - We busted out a thesaurus. We wanted something more than just a simple countdown :)

      Synonyms we used: Elimination, exponential, extension, duration, hold, stretch, birth, genesis, distance.

      Any other ideas for improvement??

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    The game is soooo slowwww

    But it feels so satisfying! i love how you can grow and grow and grow and grow and... Apparently, at some point, it ends the game to grow too big :(

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thank you for the feedback!

      Yeah - we really wanted to have a nice cutscene where you see your main blob eat the planet... no time!

      I really should have uploaded the harder version of the game. My focus was on people being able to experience the "theme" of countdown.

  • Fachewachewa

    Really cool concept, but everything is way too sloooooooow!!

    It's so slow that it actually helps the AI. At the start I didn't know they would be slowed down that much, and so I was desperately waiting for one of them to get to me so I could be a little bigger. Even worse, 2 of them got out because they had so much time and news enemies that weren't even there at the start helped them out. It's the same with the scientist (good idea for a unit btw), they can close the distance so easily with oozed units...

    So the best strategy is just to wait as much as you can before oozing soldiers and that's all. Send a small one if the start shooting you, but at that point you'll get it back soon enough.



    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for the feedback - that has been my largest response by far. I wasn't sure how to teach the mechanics and get the game rolling at the same time. So i went with make it easier so players can actually succeed lol

      You can also send extra oozes to absorb the enemies right away ;) Its takes 4 small ones, 3 mid ones, and 2 big ones to consume them and bring them back.

      Thanks for playing! Any other ideas for improvement?

  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    That was a very interesting entry, nice concept. The graphics were good, liked the soldiers in particular, although the background felt a little out of place with rest of the art. The sound was good but for some reason the background music seemed to stop after a while. Gameplay was a little on the simple side but what was there was enjoyable!

    I liked that the other enemy type would collect samples of smaller ooze, but after the start I felt no reason not to spam the larger ooze every time, so maybe some balancing is needed there. One or two more enemy types would be great too.

    Great job on the entry, its style felt unique.

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thank you so much! That was a fantastic review!

      Strange the music stopped... :(

      Yeah we had plans for more enemies - a Tank! But ran out of time :(

      Yeah the scientist was my favorite. It took forever to get his AI just right so that he would just grab a sample and run off! :)

      Any other advice?

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Very good start! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thank you! Ill check out the video. Though it's easier to implement feedback and improvements when it is in text (so i can just read it laters).

      I appreciate your time! :)

  • voxeledphoton
    Lv. 4

    great job! ;D lost the first time cause I spread myself too thin. I didn't realize it until the second time that the background was actually moving, a little parallax scrolling does wonders to make it feel less flat. I also noticed when the character gets larger even if you're not on the same path you still collect the slime (which is still reasonable considering slime would grow in a radius and I'm not quite sure how you'd be able to see that you missed them once they've passed without altering the image_alpha or offsetting the paths and making the player move sort of diagonally). Titlescreen art is great too!
    It could also be planetary based where once you consume one world you can split and travel to others eventually making the whole universe a big glob of slime. Some explosions and more enemy types would be a plus (I saw you mentioned tank would be great to see some explosions in there), maybe blimps/planes and make a projectile slime type. You could also have it zoom out as the slime gets larger and add some big transformer/mech things. ;b

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for that excellent review!

      Yeah you are right about that - originally we envisioned a sort of top-down-ish 2.5d and you were gonna run around and make like that old movie "The Blob" or even Phantasms between buildings and villages... but we ended up sidescroller due to time lol!

      It was actually a happy accident that you collect them when you get super big. We truly envisioned you getting supermassive but ran out of screen space. The idea was when you win, it goes to a cutscene of you consuming all of Mars. :D

      Would you be willing to share any insight on things you would do to improve it? Ideas welcome! :)

  • FoxFX
    Lv. 2

    Despite the slow pacing of the gameplay itself, the concept behind this game was surprising and extremely enjoyable.

    I would suggest in the future of adding a menu to this game and perhaps some additional instructions.

    This game caught a great deal of my attention. Great job.


    With how you can send out Slimes of different sizes, Maybe adding it so that slimes can travel faster based on their size is something that can add some challenge to it. So the decision of sending in faster slimes to stun enemies faster or bigger slimes to send them slower but can auto-capture could be a good start.

    For another difficulty perk, perhaps an enemy that could fire some long-ranged projectile at the slime could be an interesting challenge that could perplex players to either stay at a lane to get that returning slime or quickly dodge to avoid some loss.

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      I 100% agree with you on both points, and I am super proud you liked the concept!

      We totally ran out of time for any kind of a menu system! Its funny how you don't think of those parts till the end... or at least I didn't! :P

      If you don't mind, do you have suggestions for a better ramp in difficulty? What would have made it feel less slow paced than it was?

  • baku

    Did I win? I became really huge, but the game just went back to the title screen. Assuming that's a win, and not a loss 😅

    I wish everything didn't move so slowly. Enemy count ramps up over time of course, but I think the difficulty curve could use some work (so it at least starts a little more difficult / faster)

    • MirthCastle
      Lv. 2

      Yes you won!!! :D Yeah lol, We totally ran out of time for any kind of a menu system lol! If you watch my postmortem vid you will see me struggling to get it setup at the end hahaha! For some reason I couldn't get anything to work. I think I was just tired.

      I did have plans that the menu would make it so you could change the speed and ramp so I totally agree with you about that. In the end, I had to decide on faster, or enough potential so you could watch yourself grow and shrink. :D

      If you don't mind, do you have suggestions for a better ramp in difficulty? What would have made it feel less slow paced than it was without demolishing the player too soon?

      I really appreciate your feedback! Ill definitely add that to the project and repost after the competition and let you know when it's done. Thanks again!