Assets for GameMaker Studio 2

Use these free assets from the community to become better at GameMaker Studio 2, game development and game jams

Tweens - Everybody Loves 'Em, How Do I Use 'Em?

Use the power of the tween to add some juice to the way things move around in your game!


State Machines, the struct-based approach

There's many ways to make a state machine. This approach let's you use structs to manage your states.


Input System - binding, input buffering, and controller support

Take control of your game in a comprehensive, automated way.


Photographic Noise Shader

This shader is intended to approximate the effect of noise in low light photography with a high ISO.


Menus - buttons, sliders, and carousels

A struct based menu system with support for various element types.


The great Jammening of 2022

A variety of assets made by me, Petra! For gm48 2022 this includes music, and Tiles!