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What is a Game Jam Ambassador

They do not have to be Mark Overmars.
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The mission of an ambassador is to encourage more developers to participate in the game jam (and game jams in general, really) as they are instrumental to learning GameMaker and becoming a better game developer and designer (especially through the ratings and feedback received.)

Why ambassadors for a game jam?

Take a look at the testimonials for the gm(48). You will find that they're most if not all are extremely positive and constructive. These are from developers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds sharing their experience of how they grew as a developer from participating in our community game jam. This is what the gm(48) enables through the competition and the community by being a part in developers learning GameMaker Studio 2, game design and game development.

This is what I like to call an "opportunity to learn." While the ambassadors' mission is to encourage participation, their primary goal is to share this opportunity with as many developers as possible to help them become better developers. From my experience, it is exceedingly difficult to spread this message of opportunity to learn, especially on my own, so I need assistance from what I call "ambassadors."

What does ambassadors do?

It is my hope that they will be doing what they have always done, before on their own, now in an united front as a team and with the support of a team.

My experience in organizing the gm(48) game jam comes from doing some of the work hidden behind-the-scenes, but the majority of it, comes from engaging with the community. This is what I expect the ambassadors will be spending their time on: engaging with the community.

This could be:

  • Be vocal in the Discord channels to encourage developers to join in and participants to persist through what may be a difficult weekend.

  • Share creations and advice from the community on Twitter, Reddit and other creative and constructive communities.

  • Write post-mortems and resources, guides and tutorials for the benefit of the GameMaker community

  • Choose the recipients of the gm(48) Developer Funding-program that goes live in 2022

  • Ensure that every type of GameMaker developer is represented equally and fairly in the game jam

Who could be an ambassador?

Someone who is well-known or respected by peers in the community, proven through their actions or talent.

Someone who has expressed an desired passionate interest in GameMaker, games made using it and their developers.

Someone who is communicative, social, welcoming and honest in what they say and how they act.

They do not have to be Mark Overmars.

How does one become an ambassador?

Head over to gm48.net/become-ambassador and fill out the application form. Thanks for your interest!