Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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Doing everything for this game was a fun experience. It definitely took a lot out of me towards the end, especially being my first real time in coding in awhile. Definitely was an amazing learning experience and a fun little game was made!

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This is a fun game jam with a great community.

Yosi Coder
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Originally I was going to make a game for this jam with my cousin (Kris24 on here) but he ended up being busy...so I mostly wrote it off as a no-go. However I had an idea for a quick game from watching a youtube video about swords vs spears and ended up having about 8 spare hours to make something this weekend, so here's the result.

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That's a nice way to learn and develop games with originally! even if you are a beginner, with GameMaker Studio is truly easy to make games in such as short period of time!

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I hear many game maker devs talking about gm48 so I decided to try it out myself and it was really fun it pushed me to my limits and made me create new techniques

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I had a perfect version at 7:00. Deadline gets extended 15 mins so I try to add one little thing to it. Fatal error on my submitted project with no way to fix one simple mistake that completely ruins an entire 48-hour slugfest BY MYSELF.

Probably won't be attending another.

Ratchet Expert
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I'm sweating. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time (especially about time management). The 29th GM48 was my first jam and I'm happy with what I produced.

We all start somewhere and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

Croaks Coder
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The great thing about GM48 is that everyone's using the same platform. This makes it easy to collaborate, discuss code and help each other, especially if you join the GameMaker discord server. It really strengthens the community aspect of the game jam.

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I've never participated in a game jam previously and was excited to join in with this. In the middle of tending to two children and going shopping it's been a blast!. The enjoyment of having a set target and project and cracking on to meet the deadline! definitely participate again.

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GM48 its just a fun expirience with a twist that is being against time. it is actually encouraged me to make 48hour game challanges,and the themes can be inspiring.If you need any ideas for game making i highly suggest you to join GM48

Droper2714 Coder
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I have learned so many useful skills from the GM48. It was the first jam I ever participated in, one that I have entered many times since, and its something that I look forward to participating in again.

Are you looking to create your first game? If so, this is an excellent way to get that done in two days or less. Remember, nothing needs to be perfect in a game jam, it need only be good enough. Have fun and good luck!

Adventure Byte
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GM48's game jams are pretty challenging, as there are a lot of awesome and talented artists, designers and coders who participate in them.

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As for a one-man-army (solo developer), GM48 happens in two phases.

The first phase feels like game-design poker. It's all about making choices, about trying to stay in the balance between "What I want to do" and "What I can do in 48 hours" while picking features that fulfill the idea of the game the most.

The second phase is actually a trial. It's all about applying all acquired experience of the GM:S, inventing solutions to new problems and hacking things through while sustaining time and real-life.

Altogether, that's a great opportunity to experiment with a game design, due to the new theme each round and fast and honest feedback.

Wanna design game from topic to features, or in opposite way? Wanna express your current mood, or practice in designing core loops, or to explore new grounds and combine hardly fitting features?

It's all possible, and all welcome. And when you're ready, there's next level for you - competing for the first place in ratings, applying everything you've learned.

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It's been a year since my first jam. I really started practicing about 6 months ago, wanting to get more than the bottom 5 placements. I've learned so much about completing a project from doing these jams. I am much better with gamemaker and gml now, but that's not my most important lesson. Truly my biggest improvement in the last year is my organization not my coding. I've learned to plan out my day, hour by hour. I have the discipline to actually sit at my computer and program for hours on end without getting distracted or too tired. I've learned what I can and can't do in 48 hours.

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This was my first game jam also my first time coding in like 2 years in GML, so it was a struggle (but a fun one). It was certainly frustrating at times especially when you forget a specific function that you need to use.

I learned that the shit I'm learning at school atm actually has some meaning to it seeing as we used some of the theory in our game.

But the best part was people giving feedback on a game that I made, amazing feeling. Obviously playing other peoples games was also fun but nothing compares to seeing others play your game. Also i currently hold the highscore so get good.

Thank you for reading,



StereoJunkie Coder