A short game about walking dogs and a rich old cow of a lady.

Arrows - Move Tap space - Yell (might get the dogs attention, might scare them)

The HTML5 version is a bit buggy so I recommend using the downloadable :)

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  • WangleLine 🌸

    I felt like holding the space bar down for such a long amount of time in the introduction is a bit unnecessary and made that part drag a lot.

    Night Fuss

    Night Fuss

  • Allison James

    Made me smile, at least once I turned down my sound to mitigate the extremely shrill scream sound effect!

    I had a massive amount of trouble getting the first dog even around the first corner without the leash breaking or the dog veering into the dirt - to the point I nearly quit thinking that was the joke. Once I had kind of found a balance of screams to keep the dog leashed, and moved slowly and carefully enough, I got the hang of it though. Second dog I didn't fail on, although I was confused by the inability to walk (until I started screaming repeatedly). Third dog I couldn't complete.

    Funny little game with a unique premise!

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Jeez, what an annoying old b...woman. Whilst walking the second dog, after like 2 seconds, I started moving REAALLLLLY slowly. Like, 2 pixels a second. And when I moved horizontally, the player changed direction every tick. Not sure if this is a bug.

  • Luke No Further
    Lv. 14



    I think you very faithfully re-created a frustrating and demeaning experience :') Very difficult - but then suddenly sometimes all the dogs behave fine and you can drag them around the loop no problem - only for them to scatter just as you're about to cross the finish line.

    I played until level 5 (frustrating but engaging!) and after some very close near misses finally quit my job as a dog walker and closed the game window.

  • Kylazaur
    Lv. 5

    This game made me hate dogs xD, great entry, the hold space is waay too long imo but i had fun with it

  • Kwok
    Lv. 1

    There should be some visual indication of how long space is held to advance text.

    The sound when failing to walk the dog was way too loud! I had to stop playing after that.

    • Riggermortis_dev
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah if I could do it again I would readjust the sound levels. Didn't expect it to be worth turning the game off for though, I guess next time I will need to make sure it's accessible for noise-sensitive individuals :)