If the name makes you think of geese, you'll be disappointed. I'm sorry.

In URG, you're a robot with questionable building practices. Build your way to the top, but take care you don't get turned into scrap metal along the way.

The levels are randomly generated, so if you get one you really don't like, you can restart the game and get a new one!

  • LEFT CLICK to place blocks.
  • WASD to move and jump.
  • (ENTER to switch to ARROW KEYS if you want.)
  • R to restart.

If you hit NUMPAD 5 you'll get to see a fun feature I didn't get to fully implement.

I made a gameplay video because...why not?

Game Concepts
  • The normal blocks you place only stay in place for a few seconds.
  • When you collect a blue cube, the next block you place will be a permanent block that increases your jump height when you're on it.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally the exit may be hidden or nearly hidden by the foreground.
  • Ran out of time for music, so you'll have to put on your own favorite tunes.


Art, programming, and sound by Kris24

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  • D0genutt
    Lv. 2

    Pretty fun game, this might be the only game that has said "Yikes" to my astonishing death count of like 66... I swear I was trying my best...

    My only real critiques with the game is that, once you get into the flow of the game, the best thing to do is like just start building your way up on your own. Admittedly this sounds easier on paper than it is in-game as I had many many sudden rapid descents to the bottom that ended with me getting killed by one of my own blocks at the bottom.

    Also the lack of music kinda made the game quite empty, I think just having a simple loop would have sufficed enough for music. But thats not really that much an of a big deal at least for me.

    Overall, everything else was pretty on par and the game itself was pretty fun to play, only wished there was more gameplay elements to mix things up.

    • kris24
      kris24 Developer of Untitled Robot Game

      4yrs ago

      Haha the "Yikes" was something I threw in at the last second, thanks for noticing that.

      As usual for these jams, my ambitions outpace my capabilities so I always end up only implementing the first couple of mechanics/elements and struggle to find ways to change it up. I had been planning to add a gravity inversion block (or at least low gravity) but didn't get there for the jam. If I release a post-jam version it should have more content to progress through, as well as music and all that good stuff.

      Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

  • kbjwes77
    Lv. 19

    Frustrating in the same way Fortnite is to me, I hate building and moving at the same time!

  • Tero Hannula

    It was fun game for some time, first it was thinking how to play it, then the optimal strategy. Well I understood that best way to play was just use your own platforms at the edge (create, jump top of it, then create new one higher but slightly left/right, repeat), so I would not try to use blue ones or try target permanent platforms. Then it got repetative with this strategy ^^" It looked fine, but the foreground gave me impression at the start, that you could jump on them :p The levels could have been shorter, and you could have had some music. But graphics were nice and it was fun until I ruined it for myself ^^" And I liked how you gave player possiblityto look up/down with mouse, to know a little bit more (like before using blue platforms).

    • kris24
      kris24 Developer of Untitled Robot Game

      4yrs ago

      Ah yes, you discovered the fact that I never got around to limiting the play area at all, haha. So on the really narrow levels especially it becomes quite easy to cheat the system as long as you have the patience to build your own way entirely to the top (and without making any mistakes!)

      Thanks for playing and leaving feedback; I'm definitely tweaking/adding some things for a post-jam version that will hopefully improve where its lacking now.

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Damn this is frustratring :D But everytime you fall, it is because of your own mistakes or impatience...so you hate yourself and not the game! haha

    I kept playing after each failure, it's just very addictive, I think! Sound and graphics are not stunning, but good enough and consistent.

    I really like it! Will definately play some more later!



    • kris24
      kris24 Developer of Untitled Robot Game

      4yrs ago

      Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

      I didn't mean to make it so punishingly difficult, haha. But I guess it seems much easier than it is when you're the developer that ends up with tons of practice while making it. I should have playtested it with others before submitting.

  • baku

    Pretty fun game, but it does get a bit repetitive after a while. I think it'd be more enjoyable if the levels were shorter - that way it also feels less demoralising when you accidentally fall all the way to the bottom >.>

    Early on I thought maybe I could cheat by jumpg and placing blocks directly under me, but of course you thought of that lol

    • kris24
      kris24 Developer of Untitled Robot Game

      4yrs ago

      Thank you! There's a few ways I was thinking of to expand/play with the concept but didn't have time to implement.

      Falling all the way down does suck, haha. One thing that might help - the blue blocks are permanent, so with strategic placement a person can skip past huge chunks of the level quite quickly.

  • havik

    Pretty cool idea actually. It took me a few attempts to get the flow right with the placing and jumping on the blocks but then it felt quite fluid.

    The variations of blocks was good too - and I liked that it doesn't tell you what a newly discovered does, you just have to find out - which made for a few funny fails :D

    Falling to the bottom and starting again ... oh that hurts, but, my fault for falling! Good job!

    • kris24
      kris24 Developer of Untitled Robot Game

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I really tried to make it feel smooth to control; from what I've seen of other people playing it's more difficult to master than I thought it would be, but it is possible to get really quite good at at!

  • Jeremy
    Lv. 1

    This was a well-thought out and entertaining platform game. Good graphics and sound effects. Challenging, but sucks you in to keep trying to get better.

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    Fun, innovative, and challenging, with decent graphics and sounds. Fits the theme also.