Imgur <br />


moving left/right:<br />

arrow keys left/right, gamepad d-pad left/right, gamepad left stick <br /> <br />

jumping:<br />

spacebar, arrow keys up, gamepad d-pad up, gamepad face1 (A)<br /> <br />

sliding:<br />

ctrl, arrow keys down, gamepad d-pad down, gamepad face2 (B), gamepad face3 (X)<br /> <br />

side-boost:<br />

"A" and "D" on keyboard, gamepad left/right bumper, gamepad left/right trigger<br /> <br /> <br /> Imgur <br /> <br />


windows:<br />

Imgur Opened windows need to be avoided<br /> Closed windows can be jumped over<br /> <br />

balcony:<br />

Imgur Need to be avoided<br /> <br />

crack:<br />

Imgur Cracked parts on the tower wall need to be jumped over<br /> <br />

rope with flags:<br />

Imgur Slided through<br /> <br />

coin:<br />

Imgur Collect these for purchasing upgrades in the shop<br /> <br /> <br />

SHOP:<br />

In the in-game shop you can buy upgrades for your bike. Each upgrade helps you mastering more and more situations when scaling the tower. Even situations you couldn't possibly get through can be made possible with upgrading. It is strongly advised to get the side-boost as soon as possible, because it will make things a lot easier and more fun, and you will see yourself climb the tower higher and higher in no time!<br /> Imgur <br /> <br /> <br /> This game was made in celebration for my newly obtained motorbike drivers license! I had a lot of fun making this game, especially with recording the motorbike sounds, and I think it turned out quite nice.

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  • Fachewachewa

    Cool concept and well executed, but I feel like your presentation and controls etc are really complicated for something that should be pretty simple :D

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Ohhh a 3d game!

    Game is a bit slow. Got a decent computer (can run relatively recent games) but it seems to ram still. EDIT: actually i just needed the speed upgrades. I'm gonna then say that the the game without upgrades feels a bit too slow. I thought it was not supposed to be that way though. I probably would have wanted to have these upgrades from the start (aside the shield) and have other sorts of upgrades

    Not sure I'd make so wide an obstacle we can't jump over or slide under, especially when previous obstacles force you to go a certain direction. Also, sometimes it's just impossible to take a coin without hitting an obstacle (balcony on the very left, coin on the left, dashing right is not enough to get the coin and proceed)

    Visual designs feels a bit... bland? Like, coins are just yellow... coins, motorcycle is a motory cycle... I like the idea of windows and such though, it is cool to ride a wall upward. But I feel like the design feels a bit too similar from beginning to end. Maybe have different sections, little bumps (you know like lines around the castle) A bit more feedback (coins give a visual cue, slide makes some noise, landing would make a sound; perhaps smoke from the motorcycle)

    The game would have benefited from a "boost" key. Like, whenever you wish, you can press on the pedal to go faster. While waiting to get the first speed ups, the game feels a bit too slow. It's fine at first when you're not used to the game, but at some point when you're doing the beginning over and over again you kind of want things to speed up quicker. So being able to chose to go faster if we wanted would have been super nice to get rid of that issue! I probably would have tried to set a high score (and beat proble) if it wasn't for that to be honest

    With all that said I played for a little while on the end! Kind of fun, althgouh sluggish at the beginning. Gets more interesting once it goes faster and that you can steer easier. Also even though I talked about the visual design, it's a 3d game after all, so it was still nice to play, feels a bit more unique.

    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Thank you so much for all the feedback! This is really invaluable for me! And sorry for not responding earlier, I was on vacation at the end of the game jame voting weeks ._.

      Game feeling slow is something a lot of ppl have complained about now, it would have been better to think of other upgrades and have the speed faster from the beginning! If the people playing your game think it's not running right bc of your design choices, maybe make different design choices x)

      And I get what you're saying about the visual style. I'm only just testing the waters with 3d modeling and was affraid if I make something more fancy, I won't be able to ship it on time. But a few small adjustments here and there would have improved the overall presentation, like, as you said, maybe making the coin a gear or something :)

      And for coins that are impossible to collect: this was intentional, but a lot of players felt cheated. I wanted it to make it a risk/reward kinda thing, where you have to decide in a split second if you can collect a coin or not. But this point was not communicated well from the game, I guess.

      Thanks again, really looking forward for criticism from you on future entries x)

  • Patrick
    Lv. 13

    It was a little tricky to get the hang of, but it was a neat game all together.

  • havik

    Quite a fun take on the theme! I got caught out a lot by the flags when I started by pressing the slide/duck button too early and then popping up underneath them, but I figured it out after a few tries. I like that the moves are timed - so you can't just see flags coming and hold the slide/duck button, you have to time it well.

    Good job, it's a well polished game! (And I always love to see a bit of 3D!)

  • Tero Hannula

    This was fun, a bit sluggish at avoiding things at first, but luckily there was shop :) Nice to see 3D games, it is rare here. The tower theme was bit farfetched, but if you can believe in cartoons, animes or whatever, this should be possible [thinking] Sounds were nice and graphics too. And congratulations for license, remember don't drive too fast ;)

    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, this is one point I heard a lot, speed could have been a lot higher from the beginning! Especially because I fear a lot of people, playing game after game for rating them, don't bother playing that long so they can buy the upgrades. Maybe implementing a "all unlocked"-mode for the jam could have been a good idea. But I'm glad that you bought upgrades! :D

      Yeah, the idea was a tad ridiculous, but I think this is what games are for: escaping the boundries of this reality x)

      And thanks! I'm happy you liked the graphics and sound:)

      Thanks! Of course, I'm not that kind of driver, luckily ^-^

  • baku

    I really like the idea of riding a motorcycle straight up the side of a tower :D

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Got to 1269! This was a really polished game with simple enough gameplay to pick up immediately, bravo!

    Music fit very well with the rest of the style and the only thing that maybe looked a bit inconsistent with the other visuals was the menu, but that's just a nitpick because there's not much else to criticize :D

    Cig Tower

    Cig Tower

    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Nice score! It can get quite hard after some speed-ups :D Thank you so much for your kind feedback!

      Yeah, the menus are always a kind of afterthought in these game jams for me x) First I struggle with the idea, then the code and playability, then art and sound and then oooh damn, I also need a menu! haha

      Thanks for playing, I'm really glad you liked it that much!

  • Luke No Further
    Lv. 14

    Great work! Impressive 3D gamemakery - I played this a lot. I got that thing where when you play guitar hero lots and the continuously sliding background makes it so when you look at something static it looks like it's sliding up by itself D:

    Addictive and satisfying and I really enjoyed doing the A/D powerslide when I bought it.

    Congrat on getting your motorcycle license!



    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Thank you so so much! YES I know exactly what you mean, happened to me quite a lot during development, believe me :D I call it the "tetris-effect" haha

      Yes, the boost changes gameplay a lot, so I'm glad you stuck to it until buying upgrades!

      I'm happy you liked it so much! And thanks! Now I only need to purchase a bike xD

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    Pretty cool idea :) The 3D models look real good and the it really fits the theme in my opinion.

    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Thanks, really appreciate it! I'm glad you like the models :D Still learning to use blender properly, but I also think they turned out pretty neat x)

      And I'm happy you say it fits the theme, since my last entry for the "loop" theme wasn't so well received in this regards!

      Thanks again for playing and your feedback!

  • kris24

    Definitely don't see a lot of 3D GameMaker games, so nicely done with that. The graphics could use a little polish, but all the essentials are there in terms of what you need to understand what's happening. Same for the sound; it does get somewhat repetitive after a while, but it does the job. Overall, a well put together game jam game!

    • Hyper Freeze Games
      Lv. 17

      Thanks for playing my entry and for your constructive criticism!

      Yes, I'm only testing the waters in regards of 3D modeling and texturing, so there's definately room to improve. I'm glad that you find the most important thing, the readability, turned out good.

      And I agree, sound could need a tad more variaty and fine tuning!

      Thanks for your kind words! :)

  • yaneG
    Lv. 1

    The behavior of the vehicle is very good From the beginning, I was able to play happily without stress. It's a highly technical and well-tuned game.

    I didn't know how this game was created by the game maker, but I enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much.

  • rynqz
    Lv. 1

    really nice game +++

  • Selina
    Lv. 1

    Hey, this is a realy funny game! I played it very often to get the best highscore. The art and music of the game is also perfect matching with the whole atmosphere! I very enjoyed playing this game!