Search the planet for colors!

Your ship and suit are looking woefully drab. Your color-powered gear is also offline! Search the planet for color and power-ups! Avoid game-breaking crashes! Enjoy level design that was ravished by bug-hunting!


Arrow Keys / Left Stick - Move Space / A Button - Jump F Key / X Button - Shoot D Key / Right Trigger - Charge

Also this game is buggy af boi. A weird collision bug towards the end took a huge amount of time that was set aside for making levels. As a result, the levels and overworld are incredibly small (parts of them that didn't work were just ripped out at the last second) and the blue section didn't even make it in. Also, the boss is way harder than it should be, so super congrats if you're able to beat that.

There's still some debug keys left turned on if you enjoy hunting for those.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Neat world! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Is this a known bug? There is a yellow bumper (the ones you bounce on top of with red) in the second stair that hurts you instead of just bouncing you when you get on top of it. I was able to bounce on it about twice but the other 40ish times, it systematically hurt me, making it too tough to correctly time the jump. As a result, I had to stop there. :(

    Too bad because the game felt interesting. I'd say this section was a bit too hard to begin with. You barely just got the hang of bouncing on the yellow clock concept that it already asks of you to do it several times in a row for two stairs

    I would have liked to go further, the game seemed rather cool!

    Dye Hard

    Dye Hard

  • Nauris
    Lv. 2

    Nice art! Cool game, but a bit too hard for me. The camera view felt a little too small for the speed of the character. The character was very quick and hard to control to do precise jumps. like the ones where you have to jump on top of the enemies. Speaking of those, it felt a bit unclear or inconsistent on how the jumping on enemy heads worked, sometimes it would throw me higher, sometimes not, so maybe some tweaks on that would be cool. The control scheme for keyboard was also a little strange. Normally z,x,c is used for actions when using arrow keys, instead of f,d,x which felt a little unnatural to use. Outside of that though, good job, I liked it all so far, especially the art and the inclusion of those upgrades.

  • Tero Hannula

    I feel the game would have great without the bugs, and bit more forgiving level design (needed because of bugs :( ). After the stomping powerup I couldn't get back to the beginnning of the room, as you needed jump on enemies to enemies, but sometimes I got hit without reason, and all the time on first enemy in up long row. Because of this (and other collision bug get me stuck on wall), I couldn't get out of the room and explore the game further. Music was good, but sound effects weren't. I really dig the name :D Theme was loosely tied here, Metroidvanies have powerups, and you just labeled them as color (I dunno did you have more plans or do game have later on, as I couldn't get further)

  • valorr
    Lv. 2

    Aside from the bugs you guys were aware of, it was really awesome looking! I loved the graphics, audio, and the attention to detail. Just going through the beginning ship scene felt like playing a paid game.

    I really loved what I saw and feel that there's potential to it. My main criticisms would be about the mechanics being a bit difficult to manage. It took some time to figure out how to approach each section of spikes, mainly the top section that you have to fall onto rather than jump onto. The boss was also frustrating as hell until I figured out the timings haha.

    Overall this was one of my favorite entries. Well done guys, stick to it.

  • GooseNinja
    Lv. 3

    A really solid entry. The visuals and the audio were crazy good for 48 hours!

  • Croaks
    Lv. 4

    Your description made me laugh. Great submission, team. You're already aware of the bugs so I'll skip harping on that. I loved the aesthetic. The sound, the art, the immersion was all there. The controls were nice too and it all flowed really well. I legitimately don't understand how all that beautiful art was made so quickly. Mad props, Bacon.

    I was hoping that after I got the suits, the color would change something gameplay-wise. Anything. Instead it felt more like unlocking gates which doesn't really make the colors seem that important. Yes, bouncing off of orange enemies is different for example, but once that "gate" was unlocked, the color just didn't matter anymore. Maybe I missed something important to the game?

    Something that really stood out to me about this game was the brilliant choice to have the health represented by the cracks in the helmet. I thought it was going to be the pips on the bar, but nope, your choice was WAY more interesting. It made me appreciate what the game was in look and feel so much more. Again, great submission you guys.



  • Jon Drobny
    Lv. 3

    I loved the art, the aesthetic, and overall feel of the game - I really, really wanted to make it all the way through so I could see more, but I couldn't get past the room where you get the red energy. I thought that the movement mechanics were pretty tight and reasonably responsive, but for me the orange enemies were unpredictable - about 10-20% of the time they'd hurt me even though I landed on top (and got the jump boost), and it took several deaths in a row before I realized I kinda needed to be holding the up arrow immediately before I landed in order to guarantee the jump boost, as the timing on hitting it on landing felt very unforgiving to me. That, though, feels like one minor mechanistic flaw in an otherwise very strong submission for a 48 hour jam. I'll try to give it another go and get to the end; awesome job! I seriously look forward to seeing anything else you all make in the future.