You and your master are on a hike in the woods when your master falls and breaks his ankle. See if you can keep him alive and help him get out of the woods.

Click or Hold Left Mouse Button to move. Click on items to pick them up. Right Click to Bark or Drop Items.

It's possible to win or lose the game, see if you can figure out how to win.

We ran out of time and quickly submitted the game with seconds to spare so there are a few issues:

  1. We didn't get a chance to change the link in the Rate This Game button, so it's linking to one of my old game jam submissions.
  2. If you play again after winning or losing the music will overlap a second copy of the song.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't have time to give the exe a better name so it's GM48_Companion.exe.
  4. A few unfinished sprites like the campfire and the un-animated master sprite.
  5. Other than that, we had more planned but ran out of time so the game ends after the wolf encounter.
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