The dish ran away with the spoon. They can't go back. They can never go back. And nobody's going to make them. The dish ran away with the spoon. Escaping the iron grip of Mother Goose, the dinnerware made a single solemn vow to one another. They won't go back. They'll never go back. And nobody's going to make them. Not even the law. They're going to live free, even if it's only for the next few minutes.

Controls: A/D Move left/right; Space Jump; Left Mouse Button: Tap to Melee attack; Hold to throw the spoon to higher ground or as a makeshift projectile; Right mouse Button: Hold to block;

Disclaimer: First Game Jam.. There are 3 known bugs that sometimes if you separate from the dish and rejoin mid conversation the Game will crash. Also ending the level will unfortunately crash the game. I missed resetting the hold timer on mb_left, so if you melee attack 3-4 times it will automatically throw. Also, due to a last minute change to the room, i failed to update the size of the parallax backgrounds, so they're not visible unfortunately.

I had suffered a power outage for 6 hours of Prime working time on Saturday evening, and since we were having Git troubles we were passing the project back and forth, so my partner Indigum couldn't access anything either. He did a great job pulling together the arts and sound, and designing the sole level all as time was coming to a close. It was the same case on my end as i didn't test as much as i would have liked, and threw in the End game screen with literally minutes until the deadline, so i wish i could have tested it, since the game crashing at the end was merely a missing layer in the final room.

That being said it was an amazing experience and we hope someone can enjoy it!!!

Art/Sound/Level Design: Indigum Programming: Etrenus Special thanks to Taizen for providing making us the awesome track!!

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I guess you kinda expect this to be mentioned, but yes, the game is not very polished and has lots of issues. I'll try to cover points that don't necessarily feel obvious:

    • The jumps feel awkward. Need to be smoother.
    • Once you throw the spoon I have no idea how to get back to the plate? So it's leaving it out like, "oh okay I guess i'll escape alone."
    • It's very hard to avoid shots because you barely have time to react to them. Remember, we don't know how the game is, so we can't expect where we're going to meet enemies.
    • The level design is making it even harder because boxes are placed exactly where you don't want them, making it a challenge to even get to the enemies to attack them. As a result, the best strategy is just to run while hoping you evade shots.
    • This one is an unusual thing I'd say for a gamejam, but I would have liked to understand the game's gimmick or theme. A plate and a spoon evade police forces. But why? I can understand the choice of a plate and a spoon, it's not an uninteresting gimmick and it's cute. But why do they evade from the police force? Couldn't it be something else? It could have been food for example. Instead of dogs, you'd have hot dogs behaving like dogs. The cops could be pea shooters or something. Like, the plates and spoon are tired of serving as food eater recipient and want to break free, etc. Besides, it feels a bit weird to have her as a spoon now that I think about it. Throwing a spoon doesn't seem so appropriate? She doesn't feel very enjoyable to "throw". Note that this is nitpicking btw! I know it's a jam and all, but it' just that these kind of things tend to make me ask more questions than I should when it's a bit arbitrary.

    Anyway, take everything I say on the easy way, it's essentially nitpicking and pointing out what I think people may not mention. Obviously, it's a jam, we can't expect that much (I am also guilty of having screwed stability). I just hope these points are helpful in some way or another! :)

    Dream On

    Dream On

  • Jamblefoot
    Lv. 8

    Great use of the theme with some pretty interesting mechanics. The art is really well done, and the music was perfect for some fugitive hi-jinks. I would have liked some of the animations to move a bit more quickly, as there was a pretty big delay between clicking to defend and actively defending, so the best strategy I found was to go defensive and wait for a cop to come over and take a shot. I never used the melee, cause there seemed like a high risk of getting injured for doing so. Made it to the end and got this fatal error: "layer_add_instance() - could not find specified layer in current room". That was all the info it gave. Sorry to hear about the power outage. Great job putting this together!

  • Pol L.
    Lv. 4

    The game is pretty original. The concept is great, the art is cool and the music is nice. The problem is that within 5 minutes of gameplay, the game crashed 2 times for different reasons (I don't know if it's just on my machine). I have to say again that graphics are awesome you made great work on that, animations, background, it was really cool.

    Egg Friend

    Egg Friend

  • Kyon
    Lv. 25

    Protecting the spoon must be the cutest thing I've seen in this gamejam haha. The controls and unresponsiveness really ruined it for me though. Especially the jump. The first time you see a 'heart' , It's so hard to get passed that point.

    Anyway, character design and immersion were great. Would love to see a more polished version of this. I really liked how they had little conversations during the platforming.

  • FlashPulse
    Lv. 7

    I like the immersion of the style and music. And also the talking stuff. :D

    The controls could definitely be better and maybe add some responsive jumping.

    Other than that... great job. Keep it up! :)

    Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    First off the art is awesome! Those animations are fantastic. And it's a really nice use of the theme and neat story idea :) Sorry about those bugs though :(

    But really nice job on everything else!