Hello! Thank you for checking out my game.

====== There's an interactive tutorial in the game!!! ======


  • WASD/Arrow keys - Movement
  • Space - Use item
  • F1 - Toggle fullscreen
  • F12 - Take screenshot


The goal of the game is to completely take over all the robots in the room with your team colour. The items you pick up are an effective combat tool. Use them whenever you get the chance. If you hold "S" or "Down arrow", your character would slam downwards. It prevents your character from bouncing on top of other robots. If you bounce on top of another robot, you get a bonus double jump.

alt text
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  • Fachewachewa

    Well that was complete chaos. I loved it.

    A Legend

    A Legend

  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    Very cool idea and well made little game. The robots are cute, the graphics are nice and the sfx are good, although no music lets it down a bit.

    I was impressed with all the AI chaotically navigating around and taking out enemy bots.

    Controls and the overall feel of the game felt really nice.

    While I like the idea, the implementation as far as gameplay goes is not its strongest suit. I felt like the game was pretty much out of my control as one team ends up snowballing pretty hard after a little while.

    This sort idea could be interesting in a large multiplayer game in the same sort of vein as Agar.io. Good work on the game entry!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    Hey very nice job on this! It felt so good to control and just overall very bouncy. I love the frantic back forth of converting robots. And the little mini map was a really nice touch too!

    Excellent job!



  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Nitpicking, but in the tutorial, I would have loved to be able to bounce from a robot to another.
    • Very fun game! It feels so cool to see every robot bounce around. It's a cute mess and the mechanic is well thought: Converting enemies to your color.
    • It's nice that you get to play another robot when you lose yours!
    • The game feels however chaotic. It kind of feels like the whole mess takes away your control of what's going on.
    • Because of that, the game feels random and it doesn't feel very rewarding to win, nor that bad to lose.
    • Similarily, the game feels less interactive. It's fun, but I don't feel like it's because of my actions.
    • Too bad it lacks a music...

    Also, yes I do think that game could benefit from a multiplayer! Obviously, it's a bit difficult to have that in a game jam, but it's a nice idea for the feature. Short, but fun!

    Dream On

    Dream On

  • Jamblefoot
    Lv. 8

    Wow. More people need to play this. This game is really really good. All it needs now is some tunes and online multiplayer. Fantastic job, down to the dust clouds for their jumps.

    I'm really curious how the NPCs decide where to go. Is it totally random, or are they actively chasing each other?

    • Bingdom
      Lv. 2
      Bingdom Developer of War, Love Robots

      5yrs ago

      Thank you :D! The NPCs randomly pick a location on the map that has a floor. The location they pick is slightly weighted to the top because the pathfinding isn't clever. Climbing is difficult for them, so they'll often fail and find another path.

  • abso1ution
    Lv. 7

    That was great, hope you get more ratings, I played way too much of this.

    Push Pull

    Push Pull

  • Robertsson
    Lv. 4

    Great game. I love this hectic type of gameplay. Slightly hard to master but once you realize you should stay on high ground it gets a lot easier.

  • FlashPulse
    Lv. 7

    I like it, it was fun. Though it was a bit difficult sometimes to keep track of which robot was yours. :)

    Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale