The game is based on the final scenes of a spy story, following their victory over the antagonist, where they must escape an exploding base. Avoid the attacks of a meat monster till your helicopter can take you off the island.


  • Move using WASD or arrow keys
  • Any key will progress the credits, start menu, or respawn if you die.

Comments: Hello! This is my first GM48 jam, but 3rd game jam overall. I did make another game for a GM48 jam, but ended up not submitting it. I primarily like doing art and designing game themes and gameplay, so sound design and the code aren't my specialties.

The game is very simple, since the player can only avoid the monster's attacks and can't retaliate. I ended up cutting the combat, which would have been small meat monsters or eyes that spawned and roamed the platform the player was on. There is still a left in y-axis since the combat would have been a beat-em-up, while dodging a bosses' attacks.

This was the fourth prototype I made, taking the survive-the-timer gameplay of my third prototype, but abandoning the elevator theme of all the other prototypes. If I didn't need to sleep/have social obligations, I would have liked to fine tune the battle by lessening waiting time between attacks and decreasing the game from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. All killer-no filler kind of idea, by having the player constantly engaged in dodging.

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    5 minutes with not much different type of attacks is way too long... I'll be honest, I didn't had the patience. :/ I tried letting the game on idle since I noticed the life pool was huge, but the character eventually died so... didn't get to see the ending, if there was any...

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Challenging game. I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Neat game. The visual style is really cool with some nice looking animations. The music and sound effects are are all quite effective. Dodging the monster's attacks is pretty satisfying and the attacks are fairly balanced between being tricky but not impossible to avoid.

    That said, it goes on for way too long. The attacks don't change much and it only really gets tough near the end. The lack of checkpoints also hurts - I died a couple of times near the end and didn't have the patience to go through the whole thing again.

  • Fachewachewa

    Pretty cool idea and looks, but yeah I don't know why you made this lasts 5 minutes. It always the same attacks, and there's a lot of down time. Also the character definitely needs a life indicator or something.



  • Simon Milfred
    Lv. 17

    Sorry to say, but you made the same mistake @Lone and I did at the 25th jam: You borrowed music and sounds which is against the rules :/
    That being said, fun, different idea - it was not perfect (a little too long for the amount of action), but there was some nice designing going on :)

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Nice idea for a boss rush game. I just think that the final stage was a bit too hectic and the beginning was too calm. Also, it would be much more interesting if the boss would get more attack on the way. Nice work tho

  • Pol L.
    Lv. 4

    It gets boring reaaaally fast. There are only two things that hurt you, no health bar to check if you're going to die soon. And 5 minutes it's really long when you're just moving around. Stop for the negative parts, sounds and graphics are very nice. I especially love animations of the eye. The theme is respected and arrow keys control are very good especially for other countries (I'm from Belgium)

    Run !

    Run !

  • Grace
    Lv. 17

    Tiny bug report, the music from the death screen kept playing after i respawned. I also never saw the death screen because i was still pressing buttons when i died. That said, i had a lot of fun with this game despite the lack of mechanical variety. The style and music made this game a good amount of fun. Very jazzy, upbeat, its got a lot of soul to it. Good job on your entry to GM48!

    Castle 2

    Castle 2