Dive toward the ground, collecting coins and dodging birds.

Controller Supported

WASD/Arrow Keys/Left Analog Stick = Move diver
Space/Enter/A Button = Retry/Start Game
ESC/Select Button = Quit
F1/Start Button = Fullscreen
M/Left Shoulder Button = Main Menu

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  • Fachewachewa

    Nice entry. I saw you were still working on it, so here's some little improvement that I think are important :

    • I like how "weird" the horizontal movement is (but it might need more acceleration at first, yeah), but if you hold both direction at once, you can stop really fast and it's actually too easy

    • on the menu it's actually hard to select a mode, you need to add a timer or set the keyboard input on "pressed" :D

    • another thing that needs a timer : the iframes after getting hit. right now you can make a mistake a take 3 birds at once in the face and loose :)

    Apart from that, nice noises, but the birds are a little too loud.



  • Secret Cat
    Lv. 2

    I agree with other feedback you have received, that it would be nice to have a slow ramp up in difficulty.

    I found it really funny that the birds flew into each other :)

  • devlkore
    Lv. 7

    This is fun, though a little too easy, could do with some form of difficulty escalation. I really like that the birds can fly into each other and explode.

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Nice little game, there's not much content but at least you polished well what's in it.

    Art and sound are average (The bird sound effect is really bad tho)

    Gameplay is pretty basic, even though the controls feel appropriate, you just need to play for a bit to get used to them.

    Path Y

    Path Y

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Nice game. It can be pretty fun once you get used to the controls. I especially like the wind sounds and the clouds in both the background and foreground.

    As the other person mentioned, the horizontal movement feels somewhat awkward. It's not too bad when you get used to it, though. The game should also get harder as it goes on, because right now you can last for a pretty long time if you're good at dodging.

    • misterslapdash
      Lv. 5
      misterslapdash Developer of Skydiver Descent

      7yrs ago


      I've continued working on my non-competition version of the game. I believe I've tightened up the horizontal movement as well as the difficulty balance. Also added some music.

      A funny note about the sounds: The wind noise is just me blowing into the microphone and creating a crossfaded loop. I also made the bird squawking noise. My family gave me some weird looks while I was making all these noises into a laptop!

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Tero Hannula

    They sideway movement felt awkward compared to vertical movement, maybe faster accelaration would be better for horizontal movement? Also should birds come relatively upwards at the same rate as player is "falling". The birds should move at the same rate upwards like the clouds, if the birds move only horizontal compared to "ground". Now it looks odd. Good that you have sound effects and wind whirling, but maybe some simple music would have been good there also?

    • misterslapdash
      Lv. 5
      misterslapdash Developer of Skydiver Descent

      7yrs ago

      The horizontal movement is a little slower. I was attempting to go for wind resistance, but I'll see if I can tighten that up a little more.

      I think I see what you're saying about the birds. Vertical movement would probably be good.

      It definitely needs some music, but I ran out of time. I'll make that more of a priority next time around.

      Thanks for the feedback!