Relevant controls: 1: weapon 2: rebuild machine HOLD SHIFT: Run WASD: move Click to shoot E: interact

Story: everthing is falling apart, the station is burning danger is creeping in, the walls are falling apart, rebuild the walls and slow the march of destruction, but dont delay they will fall apart again soon so either keep repairing them or escape!!!

Gameplay: shooting with the weapon destroys objects, using the rebuilding device near rubble repairs them, use these walls to block out the wave of FIRE LIKE danger -get keycards to gain access to buildings -use rebuilder to slow the march of flames -get the teleporter before everything is engulfed

Walkthrough if you are struggling to figure out what to do here are the steps to win but be warned half the fun is trying again and again until you finally master it.

  1. get the keykard surounded by enemies
  2. get in the door and close it behind you
  3. quickly shoot the red obstructions and cross quicky before it floods the area
  4. secure the area and use the keycard to get into the tunnel
  5. clear the tunnel of everthing including the flood of red obstuctions (use your brain to over power its regen rate)
  6. get the previous keycard and get outside, defeat the last few enemies get to the teleporter before the red flood catches up my speedrun (in this one I dont use the rebuilder to build up walls since I will out run the fire/spikes)


NOTE: due to a bug with gms1.4 some users may have the game run slightly slower, unfortunatley there is not much I can do about that, sorry for any inconvience.

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  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    I tried hard to clear this one but wasn't able too. Even using the walkthrough in the description. I also watched your speedrun and after watching that, I never would've figured all that out on my own to be honest haha.

    But I do like what you have and even though it's rather cryptic, you have a 3D Game with actual gameplay and a goal which is really impressive to do in such a short space of time.

    My main issue isn't really to do with the cryptic nature of things though. I would've gladly put some more time into working things out on my own but everything just feels so slow. The reload time on your weapon takes far too long in my opinion. Running doesn't really feel like running either. I wasn't even sure it was working to begin with but then I did notice I was moving slightly faster. The enemies seem to come up behind you from out of nowhere and it's difficult to take them out because there are so many of them and your weapon reloads so slow. I died quite a bit from an enemy who just snuck up on me that I hadn't seen previously. Perhaps a mini map or something that shows the enemies would've been helpful. There was also a lot of scenery around that had much wider hit boxes than what the graphics would suggest. There seemed to be many gaps it looked like I could squeeze through but it wasn't possible due to a bit of debris or something have a very wide hit box.

    Regardless of these issues it's still an impressive entry. As I say, I would've spent a bit more time on it if things moved along a bit faster but as it stands I still have quite a few games left to play so I need to start making my way through them. Once I finish them, maybe I'll come back and have another crack at this as I do feel that I want to complete it. Good work.

  • OnTheMatter
    Lv. 8

    I liked the concept, the incoming flame in the distance is a nice reminder to keep up the pace. However, I did find that the rebuilding aspect doesn't have that many opportunities to be used, as it seemed I had to devote most of the time in the beginning to getting the keycard asap, and then running inside to clear out the flames.

    Even if I do repair the wall which prevents the fire from entering into the first interior area, which I did a few times, it seemed that the wall just fell apart on its own too quickly for me to get any use out of it anyways. By the time this was finished, there really were not any opportunities to prevent any new flames from spreading, besides by using doors (which themselves were awkward to use and led me to spamming LMB at times) and in one or two isolated areas. I wish the gameplay focused more on preventing the flames from entering, as opposed to cleaning the flames up. The final area with the teleporter essentially consisted of me slowly carving a path through the flames, I do not recall seeing any walls to prevent this area from being burnt to a crisp and if there were I imagine it wouldn't last long enough to be of any help due to having to spend time clearing out isolated cases of fire in the interior anyways.

    It would have been nice to have some better explanations for what is what, although I figured most of it out after a while at first I did not know that those blue piles were repairable walls, etc. I'm still unsure if there is some aspect of the other scattered....flora?, that could have helped me out, but it didn't seem like I could do much with them, besides that the blue bulbous one blocked fire.

    The enemies certainly do sneak up on you, but on the other hand I appreciate the threat they represent with this silence. I still liked the concept behind this entry, and I did get through the teleporter in the end (I won't complain about there being difficulty in an entry). Overall I felt this was a challenging entry, and although tedious at times, I found some enjoyment out of it as well, with extra points thrown in for being 3D as well. Good job with the music as well!

    • Raygun
      Lv. 16
      Raygun Developer of Fall of Spike Station 13

      3yrs ago

      Thank you for playing, and thank you for suffering through and finishing it, it means a lot to me that someone other than myself was able to beat it. and your other comments are completely correct too, there should have been more tutorial levels (or levels in general). But due to time constraints I figured 1 very difficult level that I can speed run 3 time in a row (took a few attempts though even with me having memorized the map) should keep people busy enough to not think of it as a proof of concept.

      Again thank you for playing :)

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    For starters, kudos on submitting a 3D game; I know that working with 3D in GameMaker can be a real headache, and I'm sure that cost you a lot of time. Like singleshot, I had issues with the enemies sneaking up on me and killing me before I had time to spin around and fight back, and the slow reload time makes it nearly impossible to survive when several enemies close in at once. That said, I like the trippy atmosphere you've established. If you'd had more time for tweaking the problems, I could see this being a great sci-fi shooter. :)

    • Raygun
      Lv. 16
      Raygun Developer of Fall of Spike Station 13

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for playing the game, the trippy art style was unfortunately done out of necessity both for time restraint reasons and because I suck at art so I just followed the minimalist rules, circles for friends, triangles for enemies, squares for neutral and keep everything in 5 colours

      Anyway thanks for playing the game

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    Okay I tried doing a video of the game, but when I minimize it to select the game in my capture software it vanished but was still running in the background.

    So instead I just played it and was gonna give feedback.

    3d is not easy, and game maker dosn’t do anything to really help, so making a 3d game in game make is impressive, but it's also easy to tell that you were fighting an uphill battle to get the game made.

    Anyways here are my thoughts.

    The enemies do so much damage and quickly too. 80% of my deaths were due to them sneaking upon me and hitting me 5ish times before I was able to turn around and shoot. at on top of that was the large number of enemies and the super slow fire rate of the gun meant that I basically died because I was unlucky.

    nothing feels worse than failing over and over again because of something you have very little control over. so basically give the enemy 3d footstep sounds and make the fire rate at least 2 times faster.

    but without understanding 3d sounds, footsteps may be a bit hard. playing back into what I said about 3d is not easy.

    Once I got the key card the red spikes respawned faster then I could destroy and walk through them so my run ended there.

    At that point the game killed any joy I was having and I didn't want to continue. If your goal is to get people to speedrun your game, you need to start with making the best game you can, people will always do things like speedruns or challenge runs for games they love or enjoy deeply.

    Anyways I hope you keep on improving, I have a feeling that you're only going to get a lot better.



    • Raygun
      Lv. 16
      Raygun Developer of Fall of Spike Station 13

      3yrs ago

      Thank for playing my game. Yeah these are fair comments, in the end I lost a lot of time trying to implement 3D and in the end I was only able to make one level, originally I planned to make multiple levels detailing the mechanics but I ran out of time and decide that I would make one of those super difficult games where its all about perfecting your run. Anyway Thanks for playing my game :)

  • Chris

    Trippy game, the 3d was cool, fun to play

    • Raygun
      Lv. 16
      Raygun Developer of Fall of Spike Station 13

      3yrs ago

      haha thank man, glad you played it, and when you cant make art you make trippy visuals instead. Thanks for playing my game

  • Brian LaClair

    So cool that you did a 3D game! The one bug I noticed is that on my PC, if you get stuck in an enemy, once your health runs out the game soft-crashes and just continues playing music until you find it in Task Manager :O

    But good job, hoping to see more 3D stuff from you in the future :) Also love the meme icon haha