Team GAME SHOW's First project!

The beings of dark lay seige to the floating isles of light! As the Valkyrie, rescue the angels before each island falls apart.

Game By:

Music by ForteFortissimo

Art by seltzy

Programming by SingleShot

Thank you And Have Fun!

⌨️Default KeyBinds:

Don't like these buttons? Rebind them in the options menu!

Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump

X - Attack

C - Dash

ESC - Pause

Note* game-pad can not be rebound. but its there if you prefer it!

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  • Fachewachewa

    Honestly, the only thing missing is some kind of directionnal attacks like in smash :D And maybe more randomized levels, but that's definitely a lot to ask for a 48h jam. Definitely better to have some solid levels.

    Very impressive game!

  • Tero Hannula

    Well made game! Controlling the character felt fluid, you nailed it. Good pixel graphics and great music, and this is great demonstration of game to use Peter's leaderboards, as this is neverending game but has great gameplay value through your run. I played this only once though, but I did well on that run and I got around 158k points (submitted it, but it wasn't updated to leaderboards yet it seems). I didn't use dash that much, but the only time I actually tried to use it caused my death ^^" Wasn't dire situation or anything, but thought it would be better way to get past one enemy than trying to jump over it. Great entry nevertheless!

    Edit. Oh no, it seems my score didn't upload :( I even left game on for a while so that wouldn't be a problem. I would have been on 4th place 😭

  • baku

    Cool game! It would've been rad if you could see the level falling apart as it reached the bottom of the screen, to really hammer in the theme :P

    Gamepad didn't work at all (Dualshock 4)

  • Megan
    Lv. 12

    Great art, great music, gameplay feels slick. I like the different kinds of movement in the game, wall slides and glides etc. Love the opening sequence. This was fun!

  • Chris

    Outstanding entry, really well done all around. Platforming mechanics felt great, music and sound was great and the artwork as well. Player movement felt really good with the double jump.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you! we had a decent idea, we all got to focus on our skill set, and we had a good time making it.

      I for one am super happy with this entry, so thank you for the feed back and the kind words on our game!

  • Jason Newman
    Lv. 6

    Wow, flawless entry! I can't believe this is a game jam game, incredible job!!

    Break Ship

    Break Ship

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you!

      I always liked to put as much content in to my gm48 games as I can. this time I had seltzy to work on the sprite work that I normal do, freeing up time to double down on adding and polishing content.

      that being said I was working almost 42 or so hours out of the 48, so still only barely got everything we did have done.

      I'm glad you felt so highly about our work, it really made me happy! thank you for the feed back!

    Lv. 36

    I shouldn't be playing this for free.

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    The fact that this was created in 48 hours is baffling. I've been less impressed with big-budget games that took months to create. The artwork is impeccable, the music is amazing, the engine is flawless, and the gameplay keeps drawing me back for more. Absolutely incredible!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you!

      Up untill now seltzy and I have been doing gm48 solo. so doing all the art and coding in the small time frame was something we where use to. being able to focus on only one really helped, seltzy was always making a new sprite, and I was always coding or making a new feature. forte has always been good a making music in short time frames so this really is just 3 guys focusing on their strengths and pulling almost a 40 hours of work each.

      Thank you again for such kind words!

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This was easily one of my favourite games I've played so far. The graphics and music were amazing and the gameplay was really fun and addictive. I lasted pretty long on my second try but got taken out by one of the shooty snake spirits (At least that's my name for them). Took me a while to realise the levels repeat but I like that they do and I like the extra enemies that get added along the way. It allows you to plan ahead when they come round again so you can figure out a good route to get as much as possible.

    The valkyrie felt really fun to control and attacking felt good too. I also loved the seamless transition between stages. I really don't have anything bad to say. I'm trying to think of things I could suggest to improve but I really enjoyed the whole thing. Will probably be playing a lot more of this. Amazing work.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Well Thank you so much!

      I had a lot of fun making this game, plus with seltzy's art, and forte's music to look forward too it made a feed back loop of hype that kept me going.

      The level transition thing was an Idea I had the moment we finished brainstorming, we wanted a game with endless content so people focus on the score system that was impotent, I made a bunch of pre-made levels with generators for the enemies, and made it hard to tell where the levels start and end.

      as for the control/combat that's just something you get better at the longer to work with it. (the main secret for combat is HitLag and crunchy sound effects.) plus good knock back too.

      I glad you enjoyed it, I really am. And thank you again for the feedback.

  • Brian LaClair

    Fun, responsive, visually and sound wise a stunning game! I do wish the theme was used a bit more but I had a ton of fun playing this, and there are so many "little" touches here and there. Great job, y'all!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you, seltzy art is always amazing, and forte did a great job with the music again.

      and a lot of those little touches where just me going, this would be cool as I'm waiting on them to finish an asset I need.

      I guess the theme could of had more focus in the game play, but I not sure how we could add more to it without harming the game play loop we have now.

      ether way, thank you for playing! I'm so happy with how many people are enjoying this game!

  • GoblinBoy

    Very impressive! This game really reminds me of Mega Man Zero but that might be a coincidence. Controls and camera feel very fluid to me and I like how the fiction and gameplay both tie into the jam theme. My only gripe is that at least for the later enemies they feel very tough to kill. This would not have been a huge issue but when I feel like I'm being pushed to go fast it often times feels more worth it to ignore them then to try and engage combat. I'm sure the points statistically make up for taking down the more difficult enemies but gameplay wise I wish they'd be more tactical and less tough.

    Having said that, that's just a personal opinion and I wont be docking points. Just something to consider if you guys decide to take this further.

    Overal awesome game and I'd love to see more!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you for your feed back!

      Glad you enjoyed it so much, as for the mega man feel I would not be surprised if it wasn't a coincidence.

      I gave seltzy complete creative control over animations and character designs, and knowing how big of a fan he is of the mega man games using zero as a basics for the attack animations sound right. I also used a bit of MMX for the wall jump and ground dash. but that was it so I guess its a happy little accident.

      honestly the big enemy is the one I tested the lest (Kinda wish I did more on him) the enemy points go up the longer you play to offset the risk of fighting them, but we ended up readjusting the curve on when the new enemies start showing up, but forgot the point curve to make up for it.

      basically killing monsters when the big guy starts to show up was worth twice as much as a save was, or something like that. but now it happens a bit after they show up.

      Still I super happy you like the game as much as you did!

  • BreadClip
    Lv. 6

    Wow this was great! I must ask, is the intro inspired by Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past? It HAS to be. My only nitpick is that the camera is a bit rigid and the 'falling apart' theme didnt make it to gameplay. Everything else is awesome. The music is jammin, the graphics are pretty, the combat has crunchy feel, and the platforming mechanics also feel great. What a fun game and great work.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thanks for the feed back!

      don't know about the intro, seltzy drew it, came up with the story. then forte and him revised the text. all I did was take the images and text and put them in to the game.

      I never really get what people mean when they say the camera is ridged. It feels nice and responsive to me, and its pretty smooth. so with out some examples I honesty not sure why you think that.

      as for the theme, the implantation of the game play was the environment falling apart. to show this the islands all start collapsing in to the abyss, and the longer you play that faster it becomes. I guess you feel we could have done more? i don't know, I feel we used it as much as we need too but who's to say.

      but I really am glad you enjoyed it. hearing someone had fun playing a game I worked on fills me with so much joy.

      Thank you for your feed back again!!

    • Seltzy
      Seltzy Developer of Valkyrie

      3yrs ago

      I think the immediate inspiration for the intro was Undertale, but Link to the Past really did it first :)

  • Tydecon Games

    This is amazing, a really well put-together, well programmed and beautifully done entry with almost no major faults (the only things I could pick up on are a few small collision issues here and there but nothing game-breaking) and some fantastic attention to detail. This is an oustanding piece and really fun to play, great job!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      We tried to make a game that we enjoyed playing, so I'm glad it end up a game that others enjoy as well.

      honestly teaming up with seltzy and forte was the main reason I was able to put so much focus on the small details.

      Sletzy's sprite work was amazing, the forte's music really pumped me up.

      I was able to just type away most of the time getting as many features as I could.

      so thank you for playing and happy you had fun!

  • Rewdan Sprites
    Lv. 3

    This game was really really good. The gameplay is smooth the art is excellent. It was fun to play.

    The only thing I could think of is during the main menu enter key would be nice to get into the game. That's literally it though. Epic.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you! I'm glad you had fun.

      honestly after get the key rebinding working a tested, I on;y ever played with gamepad, because that my preferred method to play games like this.

      so mapping enter to the menu never accorded to me.

  • ItzikMan
    Lv. 1

    The game is amazing , I love the gameplay and the when i played there were no problems. I would love for more story in the game and yea, In the end it could be an amazing full game :D

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed it.

      while I do love to add a good story to my games myself. in a game jam setting, getting the game working and bug tested is a higher priority.

      that said the story we do have was planed but only after we got everything else working. and luck have it we had enough time at the end to get that little bit of intro story done and added.

      no clue if we will work more on the game, that comes down to how well it places and how much we feel we can add to it.

      glad you had fun, and thank you for the feed back!

  • Ron Sivan
    Lv. 2

    Defenitly my favorite. I don't have any problems with this game. In fact, if you would iron some animations and gameplay elements just a bit, I'd be totally fine with it being on steam for ~5 dollars. You really have something in your hands here, guys. Please develop this further! Add bosses and more stages, sky's the limit with that. Make this a full game!



    • singleshot
      Lv. 43

      Well I'm happy you think so highly of the game!

      when we started brain storming we had planed more levels and boss stages.

      but knowing full well how time is cruel we had them listed as a low priority, and as you can see we had to cut them due to time.

      I think its for the best, the amount of time it would take would have lower the quality of the game.

      as for polishing this game to sell, we have no plans for that at this moment, but I'm still happy to hear that you think we should.

      Thank you for your feedback!