A Room Escape style puzzler, inspired by games like Monkey Island and Outer Wilds.

You've been trapped in a cage in the bad guy's lair. With your superhero strength you can get out, but the alarm system triggers a countdown which sends you back in time. Only solution is to stop the alarm somehow before the time runs out. Game progresses through knowledge gained through exploration.

My "playtesters" aka family, took around 25 minutes to finish with some guidance, but a braniac like you could finish in 10 for sure. Hints start appearing on game overs by time limit after 5 deaths, so if you want them early just press R 5 times before timing out. Project files are available for anyone who gets too stuck and wants to cheat, or those that want to have a good laugh at my code

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for playing!


Left/Right: Move Z: Jump Z + Down: Jump down X: Pick up/ Throw upwards Up: Enter doors R: Restart escape Esc: Toggle Fullscreen

NOTE It's been pointed out to me that the basement puzzle is broken. The puzzle can still be "solved" to a degree but you can't progress past it. Here's a link to an image of that next point, so you are welcome to try and solve the puzzle first and check the image when it breaks, or just look at the image before playing. Special thanks C0DERP1GLET for the debugging! :)


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  • Tero Hannula

    Congrats for your first jam game here :) There was much more going on than I initially though, well done. I liked the graphics, it had good variety and cute characters :) Also I liked the music, but you could have had some sound effects, like for breaking the glass ball, some simple (not 8bit) would have worked well. I didn't manage to beat the game on time, as GM48 rating is closing soon, but good job with your game :)

    (I'll try beat it later)

    edit. Oh rating ended bit sooner than I thought, didn't get to give the rating :S If I had tried to give it 5 minutes eariler ^^"

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This made me feel stupid. It probably took me way longer than it should have to figure this out. But I really enjoyed it and it was all very clever. I did resort to looking at the project files.....and I still couldn't figure out what I was meant to do haha. But eventually with a ton of trial and error I managed to figure it all out (Except for the basement puzzle due to the bug, so I used the image you provided). Surprisingly it was opening the cats left eye that took me the longest to figure out.

    It felt great once I figured it all out though and was very saisfying. I did encounter one bug that forced a restart if it ever happened. You can get stuck in the floor whilst trying to go into the basement, or trying to go from the rocket room back to the center room. If you press down and jump whilst being partially on the drop down floor and partially on the solid floor, you will fall into the solid floor and become stuck with no way to get out other than to restart.

    Once I knew that happened I purposely made sure I was in the center of the drop down floors before dropping down so that it didn't happen again. There was also an issue where some items could get stuck in the solid floors too if you threw them too close to the ceiling. But I was still able to find a way to grab them whenever this happened.

    I really love the art. It does have a very MS-Paint type feel but I really like it. It works very well for this kind of puzzle game. The music was great too. Overall it was a very fun puzzle game and although I felt stupid whilst playing it, it was very satisfying to complete and I'd like to see more. Great work.

  • OnTheMatter
    Lv. 8

    I enjoyed playing through this entry, I like the art direction and the puzzles felt very satisfying to figure out, especially since the broken basement puzzle isn't explicitly required if you use the Imgur image. I never ended up using the fork, but I'm guessing it's related to getting the second launch symbol for the rocket (I just guessed it the first try after getting the 1st and 3rd symbols). I don't have too much to say really, overall I feel this is a solid entry aside from an easily fixable bug or two. Great job!

  • Chris

    Artwork looks great, I like the puzzles (aside from the basement). cool game

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    The puzzles are brilliant, and give a real sense of accomplishment when they've been solved! Even with the basement clue you gave, it took me a long time to solve everything and beat the game. I love the graphics (particularly the four-eyed superhero - very original design!) and the superhero-esque music (which naturally ends just as the timer reaches 0)!

    Lv. 36

    I played through everything except the door part, which it turns out wasn't working as it should. I spent way, way longer than I am willing to admit stuggling at that part. In the end, I checked your code and found these issues:

    • First off, in the step event of fork, you wrote, "objfork.magicDoor = self". You should insead use the "id" keyword to get an actual reference to the object. (although self might work in GMS2.3)_
    • The other issue is in the step event of obj_magicDoor. Here is what I believe you were trying to write:

    I have never debugged anyone elses code before, so you bet I had a good laugh when I found the issue.

    I'm not the first one struggling with this, so I suggest you address this problem in the description. Another way of getting through the doors is to re-open the game and go through door 2, then door 0, and then 2 again. (The RNG is always the same on your first run if you don't call "randomize()" on start.)

    But except for that rather dissappointing issue, this was fantastic. The world crammed with ingenuity, and I always got that "AWWW, that's so smart" feeling after solving a puzzle. I also like the art. I especially like the suddal hints, like the orange wires and the yellow noise visual. Some animations to the player would have been great, though. And sound effects. You got a few, but more is always better.

    Side note: your title has 9 syllables. I'd say you want it to be between 1 and 4 syllables so you can use it in a regular sentence.

    • Yozoraki
      Lv. 3
      Yozoraki Designer of Repetition of Demolition

      3yrs ago

      No way! Thank you so much for this! I'm surprised you could find anything in my code let alone the problem hahaha

      That's a huge bummer, because it was working the whole way through making it including when my family played it at various times. I must have done something to it at some point near the end without noticing :( But thanks so much for pointing this out, I've added a note to the description so hopefully others will be able to properly finish now :)

      Also yeah I'm not great with names haha bit of a mouthful indeed, I always called it RepNDem in my files etc

  • Brian LaClair

    The puzzles, premise, music, and art were all great! The controls were a little frustrating at first, but probably just because there were a lot of little nuances in them to memorize (your screen showing how to play was awesome!)

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    I really liked the creative puzzle elements to this, though admittedly I did open up the game files and cheat to solve the door part.

    I think the doors are a major design flaw, since unlike everything else they can't exactly be "solved", and you can only really figure it out accidentally. After trying random doors for a reasonable amount of time you're not guaranteed to get it. I edited the game so that the doors let you through immediately and found the overall game to be more enjoyable.

    Other than that, though, I did really like this! The other puzzles are various and require performing several specific actions that you can learn over time, and I think you nailed that idea of iterating and doing a bit better each time.

    • Yozoraki
      Lv. 3
      Yozoraki Designer of Repetition of Demolition

      3yrs ago

      Hey! Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

      -Turns out this was actually an error in my code! There is a way to solve it usually, but it's not working properly. I've added a note in the description to help fix this. Thanks again!