Click twice to pass the tutorial screens and go to the main menu. Press F4 for fullscreen. Click the sun to make it night. Press Play. Eggs Restore 1 HP. Collect all 5 shell items and die to win. You can go as far out as you like, distance acts as a score if you're into that.
Up or W or Space to Jump Down or S (Held) to Dive
Welcome to Tortuga: Journey to Isla. The idea behind it is inspired by infinite runners. The goal of the game is to collect all 5 island items before you lose, if you are successful humans will move in on your shell as you become their island. You can swim passed your previous island too! The game features some RNG but is mostly reaction based.
Dev Notes / Meta
Dev Notes / Meta stuff R can restart the game at any points. I apologize for my lack of art skills, altough I did end up liking my Tortuga. As always it's great fun to participate in the GM48 jams and I hope to improve with each entry. Let me know if you managed to beat the game! I did it and then died at a Distance of 0.57.

Thanks for Playing

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  • Tydecon Games

    I think this is an interesting game with a good amount of replayability, there's a determination to get to the end, but I think it would be better if you could also move left and right and the jump wasn't quite as intense as it was - but these are just small issues which shouldn't take much to resolve, that aside it's a good concept and a good entry - the music was a nice bop as well! :)

  • dreamcastgh0st
    Lv. 2

    Cool game! I like how your progress is recorded in the form of all the island pieces on your back-- giving the player a visual way to track their progress is a great way to encourage them to keep playing. I also really like the day and night feature-- While it's completely unnecessary, little details like that really make it clear someone cared about the game when they made it.

    As for things that could be improved-- it would be nice if the game was more zoomed out. Sometimes I felt like I didn't have enough time to properly react. Also, while the arrow keys worked great, with WASD, you can't dive.

    Overall, nice take on an endless runner. Good job!

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    Lovely! A nice challenge and a fun interpretation of the theme. The turtle's sprite is very sympathetic!

    The controls could feel more responsive if you could vary your jump height by holding the jump button. Maybe even be able to move left and right a bit! The hitboxes were a bit bigger than you'd expect, too. I would differentiate the "good" and "bad" objects a bit more clearly so it's intuitive what is what - maybe with distinct coloring or something.

    A fun entry, good job! We played this with dosto on the same computer alternating turns and my favorite part was seeing their dead turtle appear again where it died!

    Jam Royale

    Jam Royale

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for checking out Tortuga. With the feedback I'd do some things differently, the main complaint is the difficulty of making out the objects, especially the eggs, so I'll try to work on more distinct silhouettes & pallets for my sprites.

      Hitboxes were tricky, I wanted to keep the turtle relatively large to try and sell the scale a bit better, but it came with challenges, the turtles shell is its only hitbox but this then led to people jumping too early and catching it on the way down, In hindsight a variable jump would of solved this just like you suggest, I don't know why I didn't implement that, think I had a bit of tunnel vision syndrome.

      Thanks for the feedback! It's very much appreciated!

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    And the rim sat atop the back of four elephants, which were in turn carried by the great turtle A'Tuin...

    Very interesting premise. The music is beyond funky, and I really like that you can see the shells of your previous attempts pass by if you manage to get further than them. You've managed to pack a lot of questions in a small space and I'm interested in this turtle-centric world.

    I think that the eggs would have benefitted from having an outline, since their white color against a bright blue sky didn't have a lot of contrast, and some sound effects when taking damage and collecting things would have been a good addition. But overall this seems pretty feature complete, there's a full game loop with enough variety to keep it interesting as you go.

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for checking out Tortuga!

      Yeah I tried to double down where I could since I knew I'd be lacking in certain areas, the main complaint is the object sprites, the eggs especially and I'm not sure why it took somebody pointing it out to realise how hard it can be to tell. It's something I'm definitely going to be more considerate about in future projects.

      I was torn on SFX, I wanted to add some but I also spent so long with the music that I was really reluctant at first to put any SFX in, but looking back I think a few extra sounds could of gone a long way down the line, a hurt sounds and collect sound maybe.

      Thanks for taking interest in the game world! I also appreciate the feedback!

  • whatthesamuel
    Lv. 4

    It could use some polish, but not bad!

    One thing, my turtle seems a bit broken. Isn't he supposed to dive underwater when i hold the "S" key? he just does a little bounce and doesn't do much, so that needs fixing.

  • 2102

    Not bad! I think the music was my favorite part of the game. When things were going by on the screen, it kinda just seemed like they were blurry. So, I wasn't always sure of what they were until they were far into the screen. I got used to some things showing up, so I could tell those apart, but eggs and planes were a no go for me. haha I got three items with a distance of 0.31.

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for checking out the game! The biggest complaint I've had is the eggs not being distinguishable and from the people I've seen play it, it seems to be everyones first reaction to avoid everything, so maybe next time I'll try for more diverse silhouettes and colours. Glad you enjoyed the music! Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    I like the concept but the art and execution seemed a bit lacking to me...particularly the GUI was a bit rough.

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for Checking out Tortuga. The UI is a bit unpolished to put it lightly. I didnt manage my time very well so a lot of stuff got cut and a lot of stuff got rushed. Thanks for you feedback!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Wow, this one is oozing with personality! I love the Tortuga's swim animation (looks like it's bopping to the music), and the tiny details that accumulate on its shell (volcano, tiki, etc) are very well done and really make it look like an island. I also love that past Tortugas remain on subsequent playthroughs, to give a visual representation of how well you did previously.

    The in-game lore is well thought-out and makes sense. Too bad ol' Torty has to die in the end. Why?! shakes fist to the heavens

    That music, though! Holy crap. Normally I would say something about the lack of sound effects, but in this case, I think sounds would hurt the experience because they'd make it harder to hear the music. :D

    The gameplay is challenging but fun, and I picked up on it fairly quickly. I beat the game after 4-5 attempts with a best distance of 0.61.

    It might have been nice if there were some visual indicator of which items are good and which are bad during gameplay, as the fast pace sometimes makes it hard to determine what's coming until it's too late. Maybe good items could glow green, and bad items glow red?

    All in all, great game with lots of charm and addictive gameplay. Great work!

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the detailed feedback and I really appreciate the kindness. It's definitely lacking in some areas (ie the SFX) so I doubled down on what I had (ie the music). Im glad you had a good time with Tortuga!

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    Yay I have become Isla! It's kind of a sad story that you have to kill yourself at the end to become an island. D:

    I found watching the shell grow with the island items you pick up very cool. It was also really fun to see the turtle jam its head to the music. I also really appreciated switching to night mode. It's a little detail that gives the game some personality too!

    I managed to beat the game without swimming underwater. I could not figure out how to dive. Your game description mentioned clicking "s" to dive. It was only on another playthrough I realised it is actually down arrow I had to press to dive.

    I found the size of the turtle a bit cumbersome to deal with. Once you figure it out, it wasn't too hard to dodge obstacles. However, on the earlier playthroughts, it felt frustrating to jump and belly flop on an obstacle. Maybe a better way to control hang time might be more satisfying. I'm a little torn because I get wanting to have reaction time more of a challenge but I felt frustrated in a way I normally don't when playing the google chrome offline dinosaur game. Once I realised I should wait for the object to get much closer though, it's something I was able to adapt to pretty well.

    Collecting the items was fun and seeing them get added to the shell. I think it'd be cool to get to decide what kind of island you'd like to be and what kind of people you want to let on your shell. Maybe it gives different abilities depending on your choices. But that's just a really subjective more of my own personal taste coming in :P

    The personality of the game was fun and contrasted with the poor turtle having to die to become inhabitable... think it elevated it overall. The piece of lore was interesting! The death thing is a neat way to flavour the end of an endless runner. I always felt bad in temple run because you can't actually escape the temple. Here, you do get some closure! Even if it is a bit sad, you still feel the story go on.

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback & kind words!

      I just noticed that S doesn’t work, oops! Down arrow does but yeah you can get by without needing to dive for better or worse.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the little bits of lore and item collection aspect, onto the turtle itself;

      I’m not much of an artist and I ended up really liking the turtle, so I kept him big to show him off even though he felt a bit clunky, but I wanted him to feel big (like island big) so to compromise I made the hit box only cover the shell segments of the shell, but I should of communicated that better since early on when the game is at its slowest pace it’s easy to bellyflop on top of the hazards rather than over them.

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This was fun. I was able to beat it a couple of times with my best distance being 0.67. Took a few tries but got there in the end.

    I had a few issues and noticed some very minor things.

    Very minor things include:

    • The 'L' not being capitalised in 'Careful' in the introduction. The rest of the word is capitalised but the 'L' isn't.

    • The clouds on the title screen go over the title and sun/moon icon. Obviously just a depth issue with the title and although the clouds going over the sun/moon visually makes sense, since its something you can interact with it probably makes more sense to have it at the front.

    • During gameplay the clouds dont spawn at the far right of the screen. Instead they spawn in about 3/4 of the way along the screen.

    • The Tortuga's head is clipped off slightly in the animation.

    Some bigger issues:

    • The eggs are pretty easy to miss. They are coloured the same as the planes you need to avoid so often I found myself avoiding them by mistake. All the other items you have to collect stand out visually but the eggs dont really do that.

    • The gameplay is rather fast which can make it difficult to react. However I did beat it twice so it is doable, but maybe could use some tweaking.

    • The other islands that show up in gameplay confused me at first. I wasn't sure if they were something to collect or to avoid. Seems its neither. But sometimes they can cover obstacles which makes it look like they hurt you.

    • Although you can swim underwater I never found a need to do so. Even when an Iceberg and Plane are heading towards you, you can still jump over both.

    Despite these criticisms I had fun with the game. I do like the art on the Tortuga and the various items you collect. Seeing the people on it's back when you win was a nice touch too. The music is great. I loved it and found myself losing a few times as I was just enjoying the music. I do feel it could've used a few sound effects though. But overall it's a great entry.

    • Quentin Van Deutekom
      Lv. 7
      Quentin Van Deutekom Developer of Tortuga: Journey To Isla

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the descriptive and constructive comments and criticisms, sfx being missing & the egg sprite were the biggest flaws that were overlooked in my opinion and I’ll be CAREFUl to try and avoid that next time round.

      The gameplay was tricky, I managed to beat it a few times but then made it easier several times, I had somebody play test and they only managed 4 out of 5 items but I was short on time and I think with better RNG they could of competed it, still the rate at which the gameplay increases in speed was something I wasn’t 100% happy with but tweaked to a point where I’d beat the game one out every two or three attempts fairly consistently.

      Very appreciative of the depth of your feedback!

  • Chris

    The music was great and I really liked the look of the turtle. Overall really good experience.