Use the mouse to click on things to read. 'Esc' to exit the game.

The game is heavily inspired by a short story called 'The Man who Lost the Sea' by Theodore Sturgeon.

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  • jhmikael
    Lv. 2

    This felt like a very sympathetic little story game! I really liked the experience, and the story leaves a good amount of gaps to give room to new interpretations.

    I didn't like though that the space man had to be clicked every time again, as it became a little dull, even though the story kept it interesting. It felt like an unneccessary annoyance. On the other hand, of course, without having to every time choose what to click, it would have been hard to make this feel like something interactive, at least without more content.

  • Fachewachewa

    Theme: Non-violence
    Game: Has no violence
    Comment: "doesn't fit the theme"

    Very nice entry, but you reaaally need to test it when a game is so reliant on ambiance. The (kinda unnecessary) bleeps that are 20 times louder than the background music almost ruined it for me.

  • Allison James

    I really appreciate these unique experiences that you seen in jams like gm48, just little bits of writing with no major complexity or anything, just a few minutes of writing with a visual scene having been set.

    That said, I cannot get over the fact I think I just spent my entire time prodding a man that was buried to his neck in space sand, clearly bothering him immensely. 😆

    Nice lil entry!

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    I don't quite understand what this is. A game about what happens to your character after you fail in a game? I think? But why is he a grumpy old man then? Ah well, it was entertaining, anyway. And certainly unique.

  • arthurgps2
    Lv. 12

    Nice little story. Was really not expecting something like this on a jam game. Also like how you made the spaceman 3D.

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    Well that was quite an entry. I do wish there was more gameplay than just clicking the same place over and over, or maybe having more objects on the screen to click.

    epic game

    epic game

  • Tydecon Games

    I think what threw me off was that I was expecting a game, not a story. I liked the story though, a nice immersive experience and I enjoyed what the space man had to say, I also like how he is 3D, that's a nice touch. It was a different and unique experience, not what I was expecting at all, good job!

  • HOPL
    Lv. 2

    Wonderful storytelling, I felt interested enough to open it back up again to make sure I exhausted the ships dialogue or if there was anything else on screen.

    Thank you for sharing this stroy and game with us

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    I liked how the space man was 3D, but space was a wrapping texture lol.

    on a less jokey note, nicely done, it was fun living in that tiny world for a few minutes, and while there wasn’t much, it was strong.

    Lost Child

    Lost Child

  • ZenithTheReborn
    Lv. 2

    The art really drew me into this experience, I was incredibly curious about what I was in store for. I like the way that its almost more like an interactive painting than a game. Reminds me of old point and click adventure games. I'm a big fan of the style, its very simple yet full of color, the little 3D space man was a very nice touch. The atmosphere is incredible, and the story is heart wrenching. I only wish there was more to it, but its a good Jam entry none the less.



  • poontangular
    Lv. 2

    Wow..just wow.

    Things I liked: The visuals were superb. I love the art style. The music was amazing, so atmospheric. The storytelling was wicked.

    Things I didn't like: The loud beep everytime I clicked through dialogue.

    That was an emotional rollorcoaster and a half. Looks like I may have to read the inspiration you sited.

  • Stratemagician
    Lv. 3

    Very interesting, definitely unique. Short and sweet, the graphics were pretty nice. Clicking over and over on the space man near the end got a bit tiring, maybe the dialogue could automatically flow on from one box to the next? The background music was great but the beeping sound effects were way too loud and annoying. Lacked settings/options.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago

    At face value, this game looks pretty boring. However, it leaves room for a lot of theories and it paints a nice picture for the player. The simple gameplay isn't very engaging, and its more of a webcomic than a game. However, the story was great! It didn't really fit the theme though...