the only goal is to kill everything but yourself

there are two steps involved:

  • move into position (movement is limited and some levels don't have it at all)
  • shoot at your target(s)

game controls:

  • A/D to move/aim
  • W to jump/wall jump
  • SPACE to shoot

other controls:

  • W/S to move up/down menus
  • SPACE/ENTER to select menu items
  • ESC to return to title screen/quit game
  • F to toggle fullscreen

unum iaculat was made in ~8 hours by wenbeks

  • because of the time i had this weekend (or the lack of it), i could only make 9 levels

  • to compensate for the lack of levels however, i made each one (except for the first) quite difficult, so if you manage to beat all 9, a special ending appears! :)

  • if there are any bugs, please tell me in feedback or tweet me @benweeks13

most of all, thanks for playing!

things i wanted to add/might in the future:

  • more levels (duh)

  • a level editor

  • gravity in different directions

  • death count (easy to implement, just forgot to for jam build)

  • a nice soundtrack/better sound in general (right now it kinda sucks sorry + i forgot to add a mute feature, so just turn the volume all the way down if you don't want sound effects)

  • possibly better graphics (i'm no artist, so idk on this one)

  • better UI

  • if you'd like to see anything else added that's not in this list, feel free to tell me in feedback or tweet me @benweeks13

  • nital ni tohs eno si talucai munu

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  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Cool game. I really like the pixellated visual style. The gameplay is pretty neat too. It can be tough finding a good angle but it's satisfying when you do. I wasn't so keen on how some levels severely limit your movement. Moving to a good spot for a shot is an interesting concept so it's when the game downplays it.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Liked the concept, but too difficult at some point. I couldn't pass the level shown in the thumbnail.

    I like the artstyle though and how it's pixel perfect.

  • Orb Warning
    Lv. 6

    Great little game. I actually appreciated the sparse sound effects, as they were very appropriate for the visual style.

    I wish levels would have scaled up in difficulty a little more appropriately, but fun and well done nonetheless.

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Really interesting little game, I love the artstyle, and the idea is great for this kind of theme, too bad for the level design ruining the concept a little bit, and some bugs here and there (The game actually softlocked for me on level 7, I guess it had something to do with me falling too fast and going inside a wall)

    But it was overall really fun and some minor problems are forgivable since the basic idea was so cool.

  • Fachewachewa

    Really cool idea, but I think the game isn't readable enough. Especially on the level where you have to react fast, it's hard to understand what happens. Also aiming can feel a little random at times.

    But yeah, I really liked the idea, and understanding what you meant by "kill everything but yourself" by shooting myself the first time made me laugh :D



  • Nik Sudan
    Lv. 4

    The mechanic was hard to understand at first, but when it came to me I found it quite fun. The last 3 levels scaled in difficulty too much in my opinion, and the last one didn't give you any time to react for the first few times. It could have done with some background noise/ambience because the sound of the bar moving up and down got repetitive over time. The text was pretty hard to read too.

    I would love to see more levels come out of this. Maybe even a version with a bigger movement bar? Overall a solid concept!

    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      hey, thanks for playing, and i'm glad you found it a bit fun at least.

      when it comes down to why the game sucks (or at least the levels), i was really uninspired by the theme to begin with, and i only had one day to make the game (and building game physics/mechanics took the longest) so that didn't leave me much time to make the levels (which i'm not great at already).

      as for the future of this project, i was thinking of making a level editor and allowing people to create/share levels instead of making more myself (sort of like mario maker in that sense). although, it's unlikely i'll continue to work on it since i was uninspired with the idea to begin with (and the fact that it's a fragger clone).

      p.s. i'm a huge fan of your work, keep up the great stuff!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    5yrs ago

    Charming little game! I unfortunately crashed it by throwing obj_arrow after being killed.