The Last Level is a rougelike boss rush game where you can turn the boss' weapons against them.

  • Randomly generated boss area
  • randomly generated everything
  • 5 boss types
  • 1 final boss
  • Exactly ONE level
  • 64 weapon combinations
  • dank music
  • Controller support
  • Rebind-able keyboard controls
  • pew pew
  • "you write the description I don't want to" - Rologfos

There are 8 weapon types and 8 elements. Here's a quick breakdown of what they do.


  • Burst - Fires 3 projectiles in a line.
  • Cannon - Fires a large projectile.
  • Spread - Fires 3 projectiles in a fan.
  • Beam - Shoop Da Whoop!
  • Orb - Fires a slow, penetrating projectile.
  • Missile - Fires a heat seeking projectile.
  • Bomb - Fires an arcing, sticky projectile. Use Alt-fire to detonate.
  • Shield - Creates a shield of 3 spinning projectiles. Use Alt-fire to launch. You can switch weapons while shield is active.


  • Fire - Strong against Ice.
  • Ice - Strong against Fire.
  • Dark - Strong against Light.
  • Light - Strong against Dark.
  • Poison - Inflicts damage over time.
  • Power - Does extra damage.
  • Blood - Lifesteal on hit.
  • Metal - Chance to crit.

To change your keyboard settings, go to \AppData\Roaming\The_Last_Level after running the game for the first time. You can rebind the keys for all actions, except for movement which is bound to the arrow keys. The current binding code uses the ord() function, so any alphabetical key can be bound. Be sure to use capital letters!

Mobile Version

There's also a mobile version of the game, which you can find here:

Please DO NOT use this version for rating. Thanks!

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