WASD to move Arrow Keys to aim/fire Shoot items to buy them Press any key to start the game

You play as the protector of a randomly generated Hamlet, defending it from zombies every night. During the day (after the first day), the shop will open up and you can buy helpful items. You will also receive items depending on how many buildings remain standing at the end of the night.

This game was submitted to gm(48) #34, Ludum Dare 46, and Mini Jam 50.

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  • Nyveon

    Fast zombies, from a scientific standpoints, makes lots of sense (Humans without their usual inhibitors are super powerful) but... I found it too hard and couldn't really make it past the first night :(

    The theme and concept seemed very interesting though, and going for the double jam is also impressive, so, congratulations! :D

  • Tero Hannula

    Zombies were olympic runners, so fast. Only time when I had change was when I had only two building and zombies tried to in front of another one, I just kept shooting there from side and it seems I could have survived eternity like it.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    I like the idea but the difficulty seems way too high currently. The zombies move so fast that they easily reach buildings before you have a chance to shoot them, and they can quickly chew through all the buildings before you can do much. I didn't even get to use the shop because it kept getting destroyed on the first night before I had any money.

    The visuals are a bit wonky (mainly the repeating grass texture) but they mostly look pretty good. I especially like the day/night indicator. I think the audio is probably the strongest aspect of this game. The sounds and music are good, and it's really cool how the music changes between day and night.

  • BitRapture
    Lv. 6

    I like the idea of breaking the stereotype that zombies are slow and, instead, you have made them break the sound barrier xD

    That aside though, as others have said players and enemies definitely move extremely fast, I'm glad that the houses replenish their durability otherwise I this game would be insanely difficult.

    I enjoyed that the bullet direction was affected by the direction thatt the player was moving, and there was plenty to do in the game as well.



  • illdie
    Lv. 12

    Very cool in concept, though I feel like everything moves way too fast. The only time I can even keep track of where the zombies are is once they've been stopped by the edge of a building, and the player moves so quickly that getting him in the right position to hit the zombies is really difficult.

    Lv. 36

    This was quite fun until I found a superior strategy. I stood by the corner of the shop, shooting any zombies attacking it. It got quite repetitive. I think I would have played longer if the difficulty would gradually increase. Maybe by introducing a new type of enemy, or just spawning more of them.

    I like that the two times of the day had different music. The little display was also a very nice way to display the time. I don't know whether you used a mask or animated it manually. It's cool either way.

    The upgrades was a cool idea, but they were very cheap and I didn't feel like I needed them. You already are super fast and can kill enemies in no time. The upgrades also makes the player more powerful further into the game, which I don't think is good when the enemies doesn't get stronger. You could have put the time into something else.

    I did not find any bugs. Of course the Zombies remain if you don't kill them during the night.

    Just Junk!

    Just Junk!

  • kris24

    Hmm, there seem to be some bugs. I was definitely seeing zombies during the day, although after a certain point they seemed to be unable to do any more damage, day or night.

    I'd also say that being able to aim in only 8 directions is super annoying when the enemies can come from any direction and move so fast - you basically have to wait until they stop before you even have a chance to line up a shot.