Mr Gnome wakes up to a strange noise - humans! They're destroying everything! Mr Gnome must fight to protect and reclaim his damanged lands - don't let them destroy the sacred magical pool of sacred magical water! Plant seeds, water them, fire your water pistol, refill your watering can, save it all!

Make sure you refill your watering can from the pool - otherwise you won't be able to water your plants or fire your water pistol.

Win a level by converting enough barren land (by planting grass seeds, or just waiting for the grass to naturally expand - it expands slowly by itself! Just, very slowly)

Lose a level if the humans convert the grass around your sacred magical pool to barren land.

Tip - tiles are damaged by humans 50% slower if they have a plant on! So make sure to spread your defences around the pool!

There are upgrades between levels - new seeds and general upgrades.

If you're on a weaker/older system you may struggle to run the game due to the shaders/images used in the game. If this affects you - sorry! Didn't have time to optimise any of that.


  • Left Click - Fire water pistol / Select
  • Right Click - Plant Seed / Water Seed
  • WASD/Arrows - Movement


Thanks for playing the game! Did you find all the hidden easter eggs?!


Coming to a description near you soon!

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  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    Nice take on a TDS-styled game. The cute little story in the beginning is very well made, and the gameplay elements are thoroughly designed for sure. The way the terrain automatically creeps over the level is very cool, it feels organic. And I dig the roguelike-esque feature of choosing upgrades and creating a build, that adds to replayability by trying the other upgrade options on your next run.

    I think what I'd most like to see is some UI and UX improvements.

    For UI, many times I'd try to right click the pool and accidentally opened the seed planting menu instead. For UX, maybe filling your water can incrementally instead of filling a bar and then instantly setting it to full would be good. Right now if you move your mouse a little bit off the pool before the bar is full, you lose all your progress and waste time.

    Other than that with UX, some tweaks to pacing would be good, adding some periods of high enemy spawning and low enemy spawning instead of having them come at you at a constant rate would give you some time to think about where to plant.

  • James
    Lv. 1

    Pretty fun game! The graphics are pretty well polished (the dozers look a little out of place to me for some reason) and I enjoyed the audio, especially the spoken peices :)

    Difficulty ramps up REALLY fast, and the length of the rounds feels a bit tedious.

  • Zen00
    Lv. 15

    The first level was simple enough. But on the second level the number of enemies coming was so fast that it destroyed eveything even before my first sunflowers could grow, making it seem the level is quite impossible.

    I echo that levels needed a checkpoint so you'd start at that level again instead of having to start from the beginning. I was so demoralized by the quick destruction on level 2 I didn't feel like going through level 1 again.

  • Nyveon

    Fantastic gameplay, good music, art, loved the intros and narration. Very creative idea in general. My main feedback would be concerning the difficulty though, I'm somewhat of a gamer but especially level 3 was quite hard. Perhaps checkpoints between the levels could have helped.

    Overall, really well done! Congratulations.

  • Tydecon Games

    I see we've gone for similar ideas but with different execution, I like the style and gameplay, the only thing I would've preferred is if I could "half-fill" my watering can, the amount of times I almost filled can but let go of the mouse too soon only to lose all my water threw me off a little, but that aside, great game! Nice touch with the voice acting too!

  • Ivanbje

    I really liked the voice acting and the music. The gameplay was also fun but really hard. Maybe I'm just bad at it but I couldn't get through level 2, tried 4 times. Maybe I'm missing something but I felt like it was impossible (even though I know it's probably not).

    It did also crash on me 2 times, once during the intro and once in the middle of the first level.

  • Luuklin
    Lv. 5

    Very cool concept! The difficulty does drop down quickly as you place more flowers, making the start of any stage stressful, which slowly fades until by the end you can no longer lose.

  • Chris

    I really like the intro/outro and all of the little details. Everything comes together to make for an all around great game. I did think the first round went on a bit too long though and the difficulty really ramps up for round 2

  • Brian LaClair

    Lots of fun to play! I wish the enemies weren't quite as non-stop at the beginning to give the player a breath to figure everything out, but the art is truly fantasic.

    I love the music and your narrated introduction - super cool!

  • Cavedens
    Lv. 3

    Id love to review your game but it crashes after the first few seconds loading it up every time :(

    Mixel City

    Mixel City

    • havik
      havik Developer of Guarden Gnome

      3yrs ago

      I'm sorry to hear that! The only crashes we found in testing were on a laptop that didn't have a dedicated GPU (since we use quite a lot of surfaces and things - it needs a fair bit of VRAM) - are you by any chance on something like that? And what was the error message?

      Sorry again!

      • Cavedens
        Lv. 3

        I have a beast of a computer so definitely not that :D No error message, would just completely close out of the game. I would launch it back up and every time it would get a few seconds further then the last and then crash. Hope this helps