A multiplayer game (that can be played solo) I had limited time to finish this and ended up having to stop after only the first day of the jam, but I quickly put together what I had that works and sumbitted.

Anyway its mulipayer via TCP, you can play on the same network (wifi) just us ipconfig in the cmd program and copy the ipv4 adress and give that to your friends or family for them to join. you can portforward but be careful who you share your online ip adress with (can be found by googling: whats my ip)

Anyway have fun give me feed back as I intend to redo this later, and maybe make a android port

Thanks for A Playin Ma Game

NOTE: some computers run some GMS games slower than others, if this is the case Desync may occur, applogies in advanced I didnt know that this was a thing that could happen

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// HAMACHI multiplayer setup // if you want to play this game with others without using port forwarding then use hamachi, these are roughly the steps to get it working

  1. install hamachi for each player who want to join
  2. register an email for access to hamachi (cough temp mail service / 24 hour mail etc cough)
  3. someone who is the going to host the game setup their hamachi as the server and give the others the hamachi ip address and password to join
  4. start the game choose a port for the host player, the other players join using the Ip adress in the hamachi box (may only be viewable from the host, so they may have to distrobute it) edit: (I may have been wrong if that isnt the ip adress use cmd and type ipconfig, use the ipv4 adress)
  5. game
  6. collect gold 7.win ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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  • baku

    Found a quirk with the collisions that can be exploited to climb walls, so of course I had to try and make a speedrun XD

    Beat the game in 28.87 seconds



  • TibiSoft
    Lv. 4

    Platform with double-jump mechanics was basically ok, the levels would need some balance but I liked this game. I was shocked when all the platforms started to fall down. :D I liked the small anim of the red hero. Could not try the multiplayer option yet but I was always interested in how it should be done.

  • dosto
    Lv. 16

    Our team tried the multiplayer option. It had some problems but was playable. We ended up hoarding so much gold that some tricks needed to be done to enter the final door.

    Even though the game is pretty unfinished, it's great you submitted it and we could try the rare treat of the multiplayer option!

  • havik

    Assuming the multiplayer works - not bad for one day of jamming! I'm not 100% sure what I was really doing - I was collecting coins and hearts? Went through some doors? The ground fell from beneath me sometimes?

    But to be fair - for one day I can't ask for too much.

    So good job - I respect the ambition going for a multiplayer game, and wish you'd had both days to work on it!

  • Tydecon Games

    I didn't really know what was going on to begin with but I think this is an interesting take on the theme. And to have online capability in a jam game is hugely ambitious, well done! I think sound and some improved graphics might have helped this a bit more and maybe some instructions to make it a bit clearer what was going on - but this was very ambitious and well done for that!

    Lv. 36

    When a regular person sees the them, they think about farms, plants or children. But the first thing that came to your mind was a large pile of gold xD. It's undoubtably an intresting interpretation of the theme.

    As you might expect someone testing out GM48 games, I had no one around to play multiplayer with. However, I will assume it's fully functional. Very impressive.

    I agree that some things were unclear - mostly regarding level design. In one of the levels, I could not find a way to get to the door (I couldn't jump high enough), and in another, I could not find a way to get up after collecting a coin. It wasn't frustrating though, since the penalty for dying isn't too large.

    The art and sound was pretty non existent. The visuals were enough to see what was happening on the screen, but nothing more than that. I appriciate that you animated the character, however.

  • Chris

    Seems really cool, the single player doesn't seem to run that great but I'll try the multiplayer later

  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    I was pretty confused during most of my playthrough. How do you actually open doors? How many lives do I have at any given point? Does the gold pile actually grow or is it my imagination? etc.

    I am excited to try multiplayer with my friend later, I think it's crazy that you actually had time to implement that!

    • Raygun
      Lv. 16
      Raygun Developer of HOARD OF GOLD

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoy the multiplayer with your friend later, it took me hours to get basic multiplayer working, which is why there it takes 3 seconds for doors to teleport you to the next area (for networking purposes to ensure all players move) unlimited lives if you die you spawn at the start, also gold is only collected once you have it touch a door, then if you collected gold the pile grows