Paint is all about making a plant grow. Watch out for the audio cues, as they make it easier to water the plant. It takes about 9 days to make it fully grown (post your high scores), so I suggest leaving it in the background.


  • LMB pick up/drop items
  • RMB rotate picked up items
  • M mutes the ambience
  • ESC quits
  • ALT-F4 fullscreen
  • ???


  1. Baku: 8 days (Lyra)
  2. Kyon: 9 days (no name)
  3. Singleshotgamer: 9 days (Ness)
  4. SwiggityCricket: 12 days (no name)
  5. Ivanbje: 14 days (Ywan)
  6. Tydecon Games: 14 days (Sniz)
  7. Seltzyy: 17 days (Four)
  8. Treblig_Punisher: 19 days (no name)
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