The Bling Bling Pumpking-King Harvest Pumpkin Festival

by Kyon Edelenbosch, Mark Lohmann & Matteo Karkazis

It's time for the annual Pumpkin competition where you have to grow the best pumpkin, and you will do ANYTHING to win. Try an match your pumpkin to the target of the day, be sure to be better than the other competitors.


  • Arrowkeys/WASD
  • Space
  • Holding escape quits the game
  • untested gamepad support

Dev note

Kyon: Ok so, this is the first time I feel like the game really isn't finished. We had a very ambitious idea and there just wasn't enough time eventhough we did a lot of unhealthy crunch. We had to skip a lot of story-elements and stuck with just a gameplay loop.

The game gets harder until Day 5, after that it's just random | Drowning your pumpkin doesn't do much to the pointsystem, your score will be the way the pumpkin was at that moment. | Be gentle on the snail-man, we like him.

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    First playthrough I accidentally overwatered my pumpkins... So I overwatered my opponents and they were horrified. I think the snail guy interpreted me watching him insistently as an admission of my crime, as the game.. kinda went dark. I am guessing they killed me or something

    Either way, it's cool that you can sabotage others, but I feel like the point system lacks consistency. I once got a lower score than others despite my pumpkin looking closer to the goal. And it's weird that you can go into the negatives!

    Either way, pretty cool atmosphere and game

  • BaconBoy123
    Lv. 14

    This is seriously one of the most aesthetic GM48 games EVER CREATED. I love this so much and I could so easily see them having little nonsense-garbled voice lines and everything. I didn't connect that you could sabotage others until I just tried it on a whim, and that was such a fun surprise! I hope you can have some more time to work on it because I'd love to see it fleshed out even more.

  • Tero Hannula

    I agree with Mimpy, I like the idea you were trying to achieve here. You are not just trying to raise best pumpkin, but making others lose. I like the interpretation of theme here, first of all you are making/watching plants grow, but also at same time when others are not watching, you try sabotage their growth. You are trying to avoid get caught. Artstyle has warm and welcoming colors, which feel friendly with music. This contrasts the gameplay, where you try do misdeeds.

    Ps. I noticed the scoring system not caring about over-watering and breaking the pumpkin, other two had horrified faces and rotten pumpkin, and still they got better scores then I did ^^"

    Ps2. You should tell how you do your art :D

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    This game is like a Brothers Grimm story- lighthearted and kind on the outside, but hiding an overwhelming darkness. Real victory is not having the best pumpkin, it's seeing the utter despair on the faces of your competition.

    Love the art, and the character designs, and the premise.

    I would like some visual indicator of how much water my plant currently has, and if it's near the breaking point. I'm actually not completely sure if it needs water at all after budding?

    An element of unpredictability in the competitors would go a long way, too. Right now they move in a set pattern every single time that lets you sabotage them at the start of every round at no risk to yourself. Having them occasionally turn around or change the way they move would incentivize you to be sneaky instead of just eliminating them immediately then taking your time afterwards.

  • Tydecon Games

    I think the best thing about this game hands down is the suspicious pig face haha the art style overall is actually really well done and I think with the exception of using RGB instead of HSV, this is a really well thought out and solid entry with adorable sound and style! Great job! :)

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Aah thanks a lot, I love the suspicious pig face a lot too haha. Yeah the RGB was a bad take, it was one of the last things I made and I really didn't know how to make it a proper system. It's buggy now too if you "overdo" it.

  • Allison James

    This is out-and-out adorable. The artstyle - predictably given it's Kyon - is beautifully drawn, animated, and polished, really punching above its weight given the 48 hour time period. The gameplay itself is simple in a good way, with neat touches. Overwatering the competition genuinely made me feel a little guilty!

    Just broadly another wonderful entry from you.

  • Nyveon

    I really loved that. Even though you didn't have enough time to implement the story, it still felt emotional in a way. The music was great (and also hilarious, loved the jury), art is classic Kyon style, great as always.

    Gameplay was pretty innovative, but after the first time I couldn't bring myself to sabotage the others. It was just too sad.

    Really well done!

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      aah super glad you liked it Eric! haha yeah sabotaging feels kind of mean. You don't have to do it to win, but it's very hard to match the pumpkin. (the other competitors never really get it 100% right either)

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    Really loved this game. The music was very good. Particularly when the judging phase happened. It made me laugh and I felt it set the quirky mood of the game very well. Matched well with the moving table animation. It was just a really enjoyable vibe.

    I think the mechanic was a lot of fun too. Sabotaging was really fun and spiced up the gameplay. The shifty eyes of the pumpkin character was hilarious as well as the disapproving faces of the other participants. I started quickly getting to the judges before the other participants had time to change their pumpkins and other rounds I would sabotage them to the ground and got a pleasant laugh at seeing their negative scores. Definitely one of my favourite entries so far. I couldn't even tell this game was unfinished. It was so polished. Played until day 8 because at that time I also didn't realise it had no ending.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Wow thanks so much, appreciate it!!

      Glad that you liked the music. We actually made both music pieces in 5 minutes, we really didnt have any time left and I just put on a microphone and both pieces are us improvising the songs in 1 take. We are 3 musicians and I got a lot of instruments in my room so that was a lot of fun.

      We're actually quite amazed of how the main-tune fits the game even though it was improv. If we ever do a post-jam version we probably keep it in.

      Wow super nice, yeah your strategy is the best strategy I think! :) Thanks again <3

  • Ivanbje

    Loved it, those expressions are great. Probably my favorite part of the game. I only managed to win once, even when sabotaging my enemies, had no idea how the pumpkins were calculated, was sure I was going to win one time, then I got "-60.48", it made me laugh. I think this judging music helps make you care less about how you score even though you want to win. It's so silly, yet good.

    Overall great entry, one of my favorites so far. also tested the gamepad support (xbox one gamepad) and it worked like a charm.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Haha the expressions. We loved that as well.

      So the pumpkins are calculated on the wide/tall-ratio, and if the colors match. But it's too strict.Also there is a bug that if you give a pumpkin too much of a color it'll become a random color, which screws up the rating. Also I think color weights more than size.

      The Jury part was really done in the last minutes, wish we had a bit more time to make it better.

  • Chris

    Feels super polished and the artwork is fantastic, well done!

  • Hokori
    Lv. 12

    Sabotage! The best part was how shifty I looked as I ruined my opponents pumpkins. Gotta do what you gotta do to win right? Well done, this is a great entry, I enjoyed my time with it.

  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    What the heck is this level of polish? The menu scrolling sound goes up in pitch the faster you select stuff.

    I wasn't sure how to... actually win, until I stumbled across the true method. I won't spoil it for anyone else but man I felt so conflicted about my actions. The music and art were fantastic. Night in the Woods level of art.

    I am excited for you to come back and finish this!

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Whoa what a nice message, you motivated me to finally update the description page thanks!

      Glad you noticed that menu thing was proud of that haha. I really coded the game in a "code while polishing"-state. Although in the end maybe I should've focused on working on the actual gameplay more.

      Thanks <3