Praise Be the Line is an Idle-Esque Tycoon game where you have one simple goal: Make the Line go Up.

Join Smug Ideology Man as He assists you in managing your company! Buy high, Sell low, hire workers and 'encourage' them to work! This game offers a journey which will allow you to reflect on yourself, your values and the world around you. No, Really.

Starting from nothing more than a small business you will build an empire with only one goal - making the line go up.

There is not much I can say without spoiling the experience. Come on borad and make <Corporation> Proud!

Note: You can Press the ESC key to change between fullscreen and... not fullscreen. The window is also resizable for your convinience. In the top left corner there is a button which can turn off the music, which is useful if you're playing the game while doing something else. Don't know why you'd turn it off as it's pretty groovy, but still.

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