The King Hast Summoned Thee

The King Hast Summoned Thee

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The King Hast Summoned Thee

You have been summoned for a brave quest to find the Fountain of Youth at the bottom of the King's dungeon. Will you save the king from an untimely death, or will you shatter his dreams of immortality? Watch out for bats, skeletons that look and behave like bats, zombies that look and behave like bats, bats of various sizes, and other enemies that may appear to be bats at first glance!

Can you get all the "endings"? (a lot of them are just ways to die LOL)


Left, Right - Run left and right

Up - Jump, enter doors

Z - Swing sword, advance text


Programming - Jack Caunter

Art / animation - Jack Caunter

Sound recording / production - Jack Caunter

Music - Jack Caunter

This was my first game jam, so I obviously didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted. Major sacrifices were mostly in level design and difficulty balance. Hopefully it's the right difficulty for most people to enjoy it :^) Still, I'm happy with how it turned out!


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