Death Is Good

Death Is Good

  • JamSnack
  • 1 year ago
  • 30th


You, the player, assume control over a reaper. Not just any reaper, but a harvester of souls. Each night, soul seed rains from above onto the Underfarm! It is your task as a reaper to ensure the highest amount of souls to be freed possible! It will not be easy, though, as an entire day can pass in two minutes in the Underworld!

Why is death good, might you ask? Well, I wouldn't say anything bad about him if I new that his minions were the only thing keeping my soul away from eternal limbo!

Developers note/WARNING: I found a really annoying bug where the audio for one sound doesn't stop, so please mute your sound playback devices if you don't want a sound to play every single frame of the game continuously until the game is over. The tutorial, however, is a million times better when audio is on.


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