Pokee & Blue

Pokee & Blue

  • Maytch
  • 10 months ago
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Pokee & Blue

Pokee & Blue is a short turn-based isometric puzzle game, where the right moves are required to survive against the squidgies infesting the forest.

How to play:

Perform a turn by moving or attacking with Pokee by clicking the grid tiles or enemies adjacent to him. Pokee's companion, Blue, will perform her turn afterwards. You can set what Blue's attack should be by pressing '1' or '2', and she will perform them when ready. Facing enemies directly may hurt Pokee, so time attacks with Blue accordingly!


Mouse Left Click - Move / Attack

'1' - Blue's Area of Effect Attack

'2' - Blue's Forward Attack

'R' - Restart Game


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I've done a couple of game jams before purely as an artist, so this was my first solo jam. It worked quite well, one struggle with remote team development is not knowing exactly what is needed and what can be achieved. I was able to get something playable made, and then make the appropriate number of assets based on the time I had left.

I started kinda late and spontaneously, I didn't want to bring someone in to 'use' them for their sound skills. In future team game jams I'd love to get someone on board to do this.

What I've learnt is problems with past game jams. If you're in a team, nail down the concept and art style right away, giving the artist the freedom to create what they want that will fit the style. If you're the developer, keep communicating with the team as you hold all the insight into what can be achieved and when. Cut ideas as soon as they become a burden, they can be added later once you've made something playable.

Result 41st